Bunheads Interview: Bailey Buntain on Confident Ginny, Shirtless Frankie

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Bunheads fans should prepare themselves for a new side to Ginny and the half-naked side of Frankie.

So star Bailey Buntain teased last week in a conference call with reporters, responding to questions about the Musical Theatre audition, as well as her character's love life. Read on for a couple big teases from the actress...

Bailey Buntain as Ginny

On how the Musical Theatre audition will affect Ginny: That mainly gave Ginny confidence that she never had before, and Michelle was the person that helped teach her that and give her that. It just shows how much Michelle has really incorporated in to not just Paradise life, but in to each individual girl’s life. ...

It’s showing how much she’s becoming a part of our lives, and Michelle definitely still has a lot of stuff to go through as far as what she’s going to do with her career in musical theatre and auditioning and stuff... it mainly just showed the relationship between Michelle and Ginny.

On Frankie: Frankie is such a mystery and [Ginny] just could not figure him out. He’s nothing like the boys in Paradise, and I think that like excites her, confuses herr... and with everything that’s going on in her family life and with her friends, her whole life is kind of like spinning around, and things with her and Frankie definitely grow as the next two episodes happen. 

And you see him shirtless in this one, so...

Bunheads airs a new episode tonight on ABC Family. We hear Frankie will be shirtless on it.

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