Dallas Review: Who Has Your Back?

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Everyone plays the "Blame Game" on Dallas. But did anything really change this week? As Sue Ellen said, J.R. is bad. Bobby is good and the game goes on.

And thank goodness, too. Who would want it any differently?!?

John Ross Makes a Play

We'll start off with Annie, who takes responsibility for shooting Ryland yet tries to make the jury understand why she did it. Apparently her words had affect. Even the judge thought Ryland deserved a bullet! 

I was still a bit shocked that Ann could walk into the man's house, shoot him in his chest, walk out again and only get probation - but it sure made me smile. There are few characters who deserve it more than Harris Ryland... except maybe his mother.

Bobby's tact with Emma was perfect and just so in character for Bobby. Instead of pleading with her or badgering her, he offered up an olive branch. She has a whole other family she never knew about and they are there for her even if she isn't ready to accept them. 

Something tells me that girl will end up on their doorstep before long. How long could anyone live with Ryland and his loony parent once they were given another option?

Pamela and Christopher finally ended their marriage. She got 10% of Ewing Energies. He got joint custody of the kids and his annulment. Oh goody. He and Elena can have that big, romantic church wedding. 

In case you missed my sarcasm, no I'm not looking forward to that. Somehow I don't think it's going to happen. The fact that Elena didn't tell Christopher anything about the problems with Drew spoke volumes about the flaws in their relationship, despite all of the hand holding and goo goo eyes. 

Although suddenly I'm not so sure I want Elena back with John Ross either. Her character has fallen considerably in the course of Dallas Season 2. Maybe it's the fact that she jumped from Christopher's bed to John Ross' and back to Christopher's in record time.

And although I'm enjoying the chemistry between John Ross and Pamela, there's that minor detail that she's carrying his cousin's twins. There's an ick factor there that I'm not sure I can get past no matter how much I'm enjoying the two characters. Perhaps I'll feel differently after the kids are born.

But wasn't it telling how quickly John Ross jumped to Pamela's defense when her life was threatened... and Christopher didn't despite the fact that she's carrying his twins. 

I wished the hostage situation had gone just a little longer but it did pack in some great exchanges. One of my favorites was when John Ross told Elena in this Dallas quote

 The day you stopped seeing the good in me is the day that it died. | permalink

She truly broke his heart and having to watch her hang all over his cousin only makes it worse.

John Ross' conversation with Pamela was equally telling. The bond these two are forging - thanks to their powerful, dastardly daddies - has proven to be an interesting one and I hope it continues.

And for the brief moment we got to see J.R., he still got to have the last laugh. Literally. 

First, it was great thinking that J.R. was using his new grasp of technology to send his brother stupid dog videos to cheer him up, but it was even better knowing that somehow that video managed to install a virus that would delete Bobby's evidence against him.

My hat is off to you, J.R. You always were full of surprises. 

Blame Game Review

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