Deception Review: Plan B

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It’s always good to have a backup plan, isn't that right, Bowers? We learned this and more on Deception tonight, as the reveals kept flying in "Don't Be a Dummy."

Kyle's In Trouble

The biggest shocks came way of Haverstock, but before getting to Haverstock’s role in everything, I have to commend Deception on slowing bringing Haverstock to the forefront. It’s been a very slow burn, and he came along in small doses until we found him in the center of things. Plus, who doesn’t love John Larroquette?

Kudos to the eagle-eyed readers that brought to light the idea that Haverstock is the real father of Mia. It's true. No Maury dramatics, just the lighter being the clue that brought everything together for Joanna in this case.

It’s interesting how Haverstock has slowly morphed into a man that could bring down everything for the Bowers. He’s part of the FDA; he’s taken out “insurance policies (more on that later); and, now he has a physical link to the Bowers that could mean he has a stake in the fortune through Mia.

He holds the fate of the Bowers in his hands.

Whichever way Haverstock goesm the Bowers need to follow, and if they try to bring him down he could crush them. On one side, the drug they’re developing is worth billions of dollars and Haverstock could be entitled to a piece of the pie. On the other side, the drug has complications, and he could be the fearless man who went against the giant and won,  possessing a winning story with Mia and Vivian and furthering his political career in the process.

The biggest question now remains Haverstock’s insurance policy: the bloody golf club with Edward’s fingerprints. I’m still not completely convinced Edward is the murderer because Haverstock places Julian at that same party.

However, this revelation makes Edward the wild card once again, as Edward follows his own set of morals. He’s willing to send his own family away to California and makes sure he pays for his crime. It’s exciting, wondering how everything with Edward will play out and I'm curious if Will can, or will, manipulate Edward’s moral compass to point towards him.

Edward, and Will indirectly, might be the only one who can bring to light everything about the family without the Bowers or Haverstock getting out in front of the story.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Haverstock is courting Mia’s boyfriend Kyle. Who clearly works out.
  • For the big reveal last week, Mia didn’t have a very big role to play tonight. She’s mainly trying to process and avoid at this point, but it’s hard to really blame her for wanting some privacy and peace.
  • Joanna is nearly useless to the story at this point, and she is mostly just around to further arouse Sofia’s suspicions. it would be great to see as more than a conduit for flashbacks and relaying of information again.
  • Any guesses how Teo Agrasar will play out to the story?

Don't Be a Dummy Review

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Deception Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Mia: It's unbelievable. Do I have a chip or something?
Joanna: Listen, your parents don't know where you are yet.
Mia: You mean my grandparents?

No everything in here is a violent taste crime.