The Carrie Diaries Review: Time to Pretend

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All Carrie wants, besides Sebastian Kydd, is a night off from all of her responsibilities. On "Fright Night," she desired just one evening of fairy tales and make believe where she didn't have to take care of anyone or be the responsible friend.

Little did she know that a costume and a party wouldn't change any of that! Yes, after Carrie's sort of breakup from Sebastian, Carrie and Walt fled to NYC for a night of pretend!

Carrie on Halloween

On this week's The Carrie Diaries we took a trip back to October and celebrated Halloween all over again. But forgot the shiny waves of Kate Middleton, Carrie and Walt were the original royal couple: Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Even if Larissa shared some serious wisdom that Charles and Di weren't the fairytale Carrie believed because Charles still fancied some woman named "Camilla Parker something." That Larissa, such a wise one.

Well, she's wise when she isn't ingesting two hits of ecstasy, champagne and a hit of acid. Even when she's tripping on drugs and almost having her Russell Hammond "I am a golden god!" moment, Larissa still has some pretty good insight. Manhattan may seem like la raison d'etre in Carrie's eyes but truthfully being on your own little island is just plain lonely. It's normal to want to escape your usual life and shirk responsibility but the truth is Manhattan has its own annoying aspects: competition, isolation and aggressive to name a few.

Carrie spent her night taking care of Larissa instead of Dorrit. The cute guy she thought she was flirting with was really into Walt. And lo and behold Walt got his first kiss from a guy. While to the rest of us it seemed like Walt's big moment, for him it was confusing and harrowing only to be followed by witnessing two thugs rough up a gay couple. He ran home and back into Maggie's arms.

Maggie wasn't too put off by this considering that douchey cop turned her down. Good thing her fling with Officer Tight-Ass was good for one thing, it kept everyone at Sebastian's party out of trouble. Are Maggie and Walt going to last very long?

I really loved the scenes between Mouse and Sebastian. I especially love the realization it made Carrie come to. Sebastian isn't a bad guy and she was demonizing him just because she was hurt. He wasn't selfish and did care about other people or he wouldn't have taken care of mouse like that. Interesting that when Mouse commented that Sebastian bought everything in his life, his only response was:

Can't buy me love. | permalink

What do you suppose Sebastian meant by that? How funny was mouse high? Did you have any interest in Dorrit's storyline this week? Hit the comments! 

Fright Night Review

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