Daniel Gillies Previews Return to The Vampire Diaries, Another Clean-Up for Elijah

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He's on his way back, Vampire Diaries Fanatics. And he's bringing his broom.

Daniel Gillies reprises his beloved role of Elijah on tomorrow night's "American Gothic," joking with me over the phone today that he returns to the TVD picture because his character knows "sh-t is about to hit the fan and Elijah is sort of like a janitor."

"Or maybe a disgruntled house maid," he said. "It's never a little mess, is it? He's always picking up after Klaus and Rebekah."

Elijah Returns!

Where has this Original been since fans saw him last?

"I think he's been waterskiing," Gillies laughed. "He must enjoy base-jumping, right? In a full suit, of course… wouldn't you imagine, if you were a vampire, that extreme sports would be amazing?"

In all seriousness, however, Gillies could not reveal what Elijah has been up to, but he could tease that the "contention for the cure" brings him back into our lives. As does concern for his brother.

"Elijah understands more than anyone when Klaus' temper is becoming a real storm," Gillies said, gushing over Joseph Morgan and adding that he loves his co-star a lot: "He's one of the few actors I can honestly say that about. He's such a sweet guy and he's enormously committed to that role and that show."

Following tomorrow night's installment, The Vampire Diaries Season 4 goes on hiatus until April 18. Gillies will also appear in that episode ("Pictures of You") and then, of course, in the April 25 backdoor pilot for The Originals.

And while readers will need to wait for Part 2 of my interview with the star to learn more about the wildly-anticipated spinoff, Gillies opened up about his reaction when first approached about it.

"I was just delighted and so proud of Julie [Plec]. She devotes a massive portion of her life to her imagination and it's really an enormous sacrifice… she's one of the most inspiring people I know. Just head to toe, an artist. She's very special."

The only piece of bad news Gillies shared, at least for a certain sect of the fandom? There are no plans for Elijah to be featured in any upcoming shirtless scenes.

"I'm dreading that day," he said. "Unless I have ample warning, that is. Give me three weeks to prepare and I'll look like Ian Somerhalder by the end of it."

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