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There's something pretty classic about baseball. Hence why it can often be the focal point of a variety of TV shows, serious or otherwise, to enhance whatever topic is at hand.

Similarly, whether you're a die hard fan or can't stand the sport, on some level, we all have a pretty good sense of baseball and the things that take place in and around such an event.

Thankfully, Legit created a very funny episode in "Hat Hair," allowing all the major characters to have their moments, while putting a nice spin on the backdrop that's supposed to bring some level of joy and the occasional fan fight.

Horrible Hat Hair

Nothing gets a comedy going quite like running over an old couple's cat. At first I had no idea what their connection would be, but as soon as the feline got loose and Jim and company were driving the van, I knew what was coming and couldn't help but laugh. Additionally, having the old man shout "take that" as a number of cars continued to run over the animal pushed the joke to another level. I sure hope obsession with a minor league team and hating your wife isn't the future for all of us, but it worked here.

The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes is an actual team, and I appreciated them being a part of the events. So many times a fake team is used and for whatever reason it makes everything feel less authentic.

At the same time using a celebrity to throw out the first pitch is also often a custom at a game, so it would make sense that Jim failed miserably. Having the crowd laugh at him added to the show's use of making fun of it's main character. Good thing actor Verne Troyer was able to nail that national anthem.

Sure, Jim gets himself into trouble because he just can't keep his mouth shut. Antagonizing everyone about the United States being 34th in education, fat and lazy, or even not taking his hat off for respect was like he couldn't help himself. Once the hat is on for him, it stays on because of his horrendous hat hair.

Yet, the real melee ensued when Billy, in spite of being brought along unwillingly, riled up the crowd in an effort to get them all against Jim. Telling everyone that Jim beats him and makes him sit in his waste, stealing his baseball and then trying to get Jim into a fight with the fans because he "hates America" was great and even reminded me of their competition in "Cuckoo's Nest."

DJ Qualls gave Billy fantastic facial expressions and lines while egging the crowd on. You knew ultimately he didn't want the actual fight to ensure, but the lead up was something you couldn't help laugh at.

At the same time, it was ridiculous and probably extremely true that everyone who kept talking to Billy were shouting at him as if his disability made him deaf. It doesn't work that way.

But poor Steve for the misconception that he too happened to be handicapped. It was funny, but that guy gets ragged on a lot.

At the end of the day though, the episode all came back down on Rodney, one of the most happy, endearing and fun characters on the series. He loves Jim and the gang, baseball and can't help but find everything positive in every situation.

I love how he said that Jim's hair scared him and Billy sucked too, but simply in a playful response.

It was a wild baseball game off the field for sure, but when it came down to it, despite all their differences and flaws, this was a group of friends. A great mix of comedy and heart for the half hour.

So, while this was Jim's Sunday, I'm eagerly hoping at some point we get to see a Rodney Sunday. Can you imagine what would happen if the gang went to see Barry Manilow? Maybe we will since Legit has been picked up for a second season.

Hat Hair Review

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