Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "I'm Your Puppet"

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"I'm Your Puppet" proved that viewers are the puppets in this particular play, because very little was revealed as we were set up for what is supposed to be a grand Pretty Little Liars Season 3 finale.

Who was dead in the woods? What does Wren have against Eddie? Is Spencer really joining the A-Team? Join staff writers Leigh Raines, Teresa Lopez, Christina Tran and Nick McHatton as they discuss those questions and more.


The tattoo on the incoming body appeared to be removable ink. Emily's mom said it was a male. If it isn't Toby, who is it?

Leigh: Some dead body that Mona procured with all of that cash. Was it definitely removable ink? I was a little freaked out!

Teresa: I can't think of any unaccounted for males from the show...except Holden, but I don't think he has the right body type. I'm sure it's someone who's somehow related to the A-mysteries, but I'll have to go back and watch some episodes again

Christina: It’s got to be someone that we don’t know. People in Rosewood have been dropping like flies lately.

Nick: It's difficult to say, as always, but I'm sticking with my story of the body being someone we've barely noticed. I keep holding out hope only because it is Toby. Even though he is part of the A team I still think there's some redemption for him.

Carissa: I'm still thinking Jason. One more deep dig at Spencer. Just after Mona gets her to play along, even if it's a ruse, she'll reveal the true death was her half brother. That will really do Spencer in.

What do you think Wren meant when he asked Eddie about having issues "again?"

Leigh: I think Wren doesn't like Eddie because Eddie recognizes and interferes with his shadiness. Wren is so off. However, he's probably higher up than Eddie and has some control over him.

Teresa: I'm sure Eddie was the one who reported Wren's shady use of the visitor's passes and I.D. badges. It must have really sucked for Eddie when Wren wasn't fired.

Christina: In my book, Wren has always been on the shady side. I think that he has beef with Eddie for getting too close with the young girl patients. Maybe Wren’s just jelly.

Nick: Eddie looks to be the guy who gets too involved with his patients, and that behavior brings out a patient's issues rather than aiding in their treatment.

Carissa: I like Teresa's idea that Eddie reported Wren for aiding and abetting the nutters. Now poor Eddie has to be on the the lookout for his own tail lest he end up one more dead body in Rosewood.

In Spencer's dance number with Ali, Ali mentioned that girls fight much nastier than boys. Who do you think the girl was that hurt her?

Leigh: My bets are on Melissa. But Cece Drake is a totally viable candidate. That girl is coming back for sure.

Teresa: It's a toss up between Melissa and CeCe. Both girls seem to have serious motives for trashing Ali's face and even murdering her. I'll bet Melissa is more involved, simply because she's been a character of interest for much longer than CeCe.

Christina: Cece Drake! We know so little about her.

Nick: Cece, after the story told all signs point to her, or maybe someone else in the books.....

Carissa: CeCe, Melissa...that pesky twin we still don't know about. That is such a great storyline, to have Ali be a twin. Why haven't they introduced it yet?

What are the odds Spencer is going to wear the A-Team hoodie for reasons other than to infiltrate the enemy?

Leigh: A small part of me thinks that Spencer's lost her sh*t, but I think she has a plan. She always had a plan; she's Spencer Hastings.

Teresa: I'm sure she's just trying to find some answers, but it won't be long before she finds out she's being played. Things will certainly get messy when she finds out the body in the woods isn't Toby.

Christina: I’m with Leigh on this one. This is Spencer Hastings we are talking about. The girl’s always got a plan.

Nick: I think Spencer is wearing the hoodie to ultimately get more information on Ali's death. I doubt Spencer gives a crap about whatever Mona is playing ultimately.

Carissa: She may have a plan, but the A-team always seems to have a better one. She just might be in over her head, especially without the help of her friends at her side. Leaving them out could be her undoing.

Why would the A-Team bother with the elaborate ruse to set up Jamie?

Leigh: The A-team doesn't want any of the girls to be happy. Messing with their boyfriends and their relationships is part of the game.

Teresa: It's just another way of getting at Hanna and Caleb. A already tried to run down Caleb's mom to keep Hanna quiet. But it doesn't really make a lot of sense, especially since A is already harassing Hanna about Wilden's run-in with Ashley. Maybe they just needed to drum up some drama between Hanna and Caleb.

Christina: Well, because that’s just what they do. The A-Team loves messing with the girls’ lives, families, and relationships.

Nick: Leverage against Hannah. If the As can provide leverage that causes one less person to help the liars, then it's a ruse well spent.

Carissa: I'd understand if there was an A-Team mail waiting in the wings to swoop in and rescue Hanna from her dysfunctional relationship, but this just seems like a waste of resources. Less side story, more focus please.

General thoughts leading into the finale?

Leigh: Spencer has a plan. Cece Drake will be back. More Red Coat. Possibly the truth about Toby.

Teresa: I'm hoping there's a really big reveal this finale because we've been strung along for a while now. And those promos had better not be a misdirection. I want to see who's in the red coat!

Christina: It’s been a hectic season, and I want some real answers. Is Toby really dead? Who the heck is the girl in the Red Coat? Honestly, I’m losing interest in PLL because it seems like every fact we get turns into another mystery.

Nick: I need some answers! I'm getting a migraine watching this show anymore. Also, Noel Kahn needs to spend some time in Rosewood for me.

Carissa: I'm still really hoping they're going to pop out that aforementioned twin of Ali's from the books. Show her face in the red coat and roll right into a flashback revealing flashback that would make it all come together. I like dreaming.

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