Cougar Town Review: The Grocery Store Club

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This entire review is really just one big voiceover, so feel free to imagine "The Criminal Mind" is me just telling you what I thought, but maybe laced with contempt and judgment on top of it.

I’ll leave the jokes to Cougar Town from now on, I promise, but putting all my quips aside, a lot of depth and insecurity was shown in “town” that has otherwise been absent or only speculated upon. Voiceovers do offer the chance to drill down and find out a character’s private thoughts.

Going Breakfast Club

Most of Jules’ insecurities or inner thoughts are things that have been known since the pilot, in that she doesn’t want to be alone, and since she had to become an adult so quickly she feels like she’s missed out on many things. Jules’ anxieties about certain social situations bear repeating since everyone else is in such a different space.

Laurie isn’t worried about heading over to clubs and getting into fights... most of the time. Now, Laurie is focusing on building her businesses, hanging out with her friends and deciding to make a move on her feelings for Travis.

The timing is finally right for Travis and Laurie and I’m ready to see where Laurie and Travis go after their admissions.

Ellie and Grayson’s task of reading Yelp reviews and trying to be better, non-judgmental people was very rewarding. Particularly when Grayson attempted to bend his face in ways that conveyed being nice, but instead ended up making him look like a douchebag. His voiceover as he became more infatuated and in love with his body and butt was amazing:

Ellie: I don't know what you're thinking, but it's like watching a gay porn with just one dude in it. | permalink

No words are necessary, really; I’m locking that exchange between Ellie and Grayson away in my vault for safekeeping.

A Few More Thoughts

  • In case you didn’t hear the news, TBS greenlit Cougar Town Season 5 this week.
  • If Bobby just wanted to eat, he should have gone to Costco. I never leave that store hungry.
  • It doesn't surprise me that Ellie and Grayson would totally hop in bed with each other if their spouses (Jules) died.
  • Laurie being waterboarded sounds plausible, she's certainly been in enough fountains.
  • Let us know in the comments have many different references to The Breakfast Club you saw. I counted six.

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Grocery store jail, seriously?


If you don't want to be someone's bitch, you gotta get ripped.