Parks and Recreation Review: Mouserat Reunion

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It would take a lot for me to say something truly negative about Parks and Recreation, but "Swing Vote" wasn't exactly my favorite episode.

Then again, is it even fair to compare it to something as amazing as Ron peeling a banana and Jerry and his family singing about eggs, bacon and toast?

Like I said, hard to compete.

This seemed like a highly transitional episode, but I'm glad it focused on Andy for a little while. I feel like he's been out of the spotlight ever since he failed his police exam. Perhaps we haven't seen much of him because they're not quite sure how to grow his character after something that disappointing. Andy is also a difficult character, I would imagine, to grow into someone successful because he is at a distinct disadvantage regarding intellect. But he is all heart, so I would like to him successful at something he's happy about.

Music is a good start.

Mini Golf

We got a little hint of what's happening with Ann and Chris, which was a nice snippet without going overboard into over-analysis territory. I guess they may be back together? What does everyone think about this? It seems sweet, but it also appears as if nearly everyone on the series is paired off. I'm a little worried that could be detrimental to some of the series' comedy, but this show has proven time and time again that it can handle relationships with humor and grace, so I trust the writers.

As for Mona Lisa, I'm glad she's here. I'm also glad she's in the show in small doses because she's even harder to handle than Jean Ralphio. But her Diddy reference was great. Although I can't imagine after hanging out with Tom for as long as she has, that she wouldn't have known Diddy has an Instagram.

As for Pawnee mini-golf? Better luck next time. And I hope Mr. Fuzzy-face stays in Ron's office for life.

Until next week, fans.

Swing Vote Review

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