The Carrie Diaries Review: Like A Virgin

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On The Carrie Diaries, Carrie came close to her dream come true evening. However, as "A First Time For Everything" showed, usually when you want one dream to come true... you have to make sacrifices with another.

So what did Carrie choose to focus on? Sebastian or her career?

Fancy Carrie

The future Carrie Bradshaw will learn how to combine her love life with her work, but the young Carrie is still navigating the murky waters of adolescence. With the backdrop of Interview hosting a party for Madonna's Virgin tour, this episode of The Carrie Diaries was all about first times.

The writers even got the real story from Billy Steinberg, the writer of "Like a Virgin," to explain why he wrote the iconic lyrics the whole world knows today. He describes new love as feeling you are being touched for the very first time and asked Carrie if she could relate. She said she could relate with her boyfriend Sebastian and Billy asked why she wasn't with him at that moment.

It's an interesting juxtaposition of having Carrie experience two new loves at the same time and ultimately having to figure out how to choose between them. A more mature relationship would allow her to balance the two, but this is also the first season of the show and Carrie and Sebastian have a lot of growing up to do. You didn't think it'd be as simple as Carrie deciding she was ready to swipe her V card and she and Kyddshaw living happily ever after, right?

Sebastian: I love you Carrie Bradshaw.

Carrie: I want to have sex with you. | permalink

Carrie has this perfectionist need to make every experience count and plan things out to the last detail. Sebastian hides behind the scotch and is used to feeling abandoned by his family and dealing with it. Rather than telling Carrie what would make him happy or Carrie figuring out a proper balance to things, the two ended up at each other's throats by the end of the night. Carrie wants a snowglobe version of life and NYC. She wants the job and the boyfriend. Sebastian just wants to feel how he feels and act on it when he feels it. That's the big conflict between these two and it's sad because when they're great; they really are great.

Elsewhere in an episode of firsts, Tom was having a sleepover with his new girlfriend. He's dating for the first time since his wife died and it involves waterbeds, code words for sex, and awkward naked run-ins. Dorrit was busy cozying up to her new flame Miller. Unlike Carrie, she doesn't have that innate need to control everything around her and decides what she wants and goes after it. The younger sister may have been the one to lose her virginity first after all.

Something that really stuck with me was when Carrie told Mouse "he let me break up with him." It's almost as if she was testing him. Carrie does love Sebastian but she was afraid to say it. This whole situation isn't just about Carrie balancing work with Sebastian, it's about Carrie allowing vulnerability into her life. She doesn't want to let her guard down and get disappointed after the death of her mother.

Okay, now that I completely sound like a therapist and have given my two cents on a teenage relationship, here are some fun thoughts: West is adorable. I love that they shot outside The Plaza, where Carrie and Big had such an epic scene so many years later. Bennett is hilarious. Donna and Dorrit's conversation at the diner was really amusing.

What did you all think? Are you ready for next week's sure to be bombshell season finale?

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A First Time For Everything Review

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