The Vampire Diaries Prom: Who's Dancing? Who's Dating? Who's Meeting?

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Vampire Diaries viewers are invited to The Mystic Falls High School Prom on tomorrow night's "Pictures of You."

But the good folks at The CW have been kind enough to extend an early invitation to TV Fanatic. Yes, we've already seen the exciting episode.

Who is going with whom? Who is burning up the dance floor? Who is holding an important family meeting? Scroll down for a few teasers and tidbits and return tomorrow night the moment this episode concludes for my full review...

Bonnie at the Prom
  • Matt will attend the event with TWO dates.
  • Silas will take the form of FOUR characters.
  • A prom king and queen will be named.
  • As teased in this TVD clip, Damon and Stefan will be determined to flip Elena's humanity switch back on.
  • Caroline and Stefan will share a dance.
  • Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus will confer over The Cure.
  • The episode will end with a perfect set up for next week's backdoor pilot, which takes us to New Orleans and introduces us to The Originals.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Caroline: I have a real crisis on my hands: Elena stole my prom dress!

Hey Bonnie, hear you got your mind wiped. That sucks.