The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Pictures of You"

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The Vampire Diaries invited viewers to the senior prom last night.

Was it a smashing success? Or as much of a letdown as your actual experience at this event?

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines and Dan Forcella break down "Pictures of You," from the dresses to the Vampire Diaries music to the king, queen and more!


What was your favorite scene of quote from the episode?

Matt: Gotta be Elena referring to Bonnie as a "brain washed crazy person." Come on. We were all thinking it, weren't we?

Miranda: Honorable mention answer: Caroline's "emergency." Silas is on the loose, capable of being absolutely anyone, and in less mature Caroline fashion, her worry is her prom dress. I thought it was a fun moment. Real answer: Silas finally has the cure. Finally. Can we please stop this cure nonsense now? You know, since the season is almost over?

Dan: Stefan and Elena dancing at prom. First, because Stef was doing such a bang up job at working her heart. The gentle touches, the reminders of what she used to have, it all had my heart racing... and I never was never even in love with Stefan Salvatore. But then ultimately it was my favorite moment because emotionless Elena shot the whole thing down with two simple words... "what heart?" She. Is. Fantastic.

Steve: Silas repeated impersonations of people, in particular Jeremy. Fun to watch the actors try to act like themselves, only possessed, and not surprisingly, Steven R. McQueen was the least believable. J/K Jer. What was also great was the tease of him showing his real face at the end. Made his previous illusions feel like less of a plot device.

Leigh: When Rebekah jokingly asked Matt for a busboy position at The Grill. JK but it was definitely a Rebekah moment: that whole sequence of her and Klaus fighting and Elijah giving "Rebekah" the cure only to realize it was Silas. Honorable mention: seeing Jeremy Gilbert a tux was fine but shirtless would've been better.

Who looked the best in his/her prom outfit?

Matt: Rebekah. I don't recall what she was wearing. But the answer is Rebekah.

Miranda: Any occasion that gets the Salvatore brothers in a tux is alright by me. Those two know how to rock the formal wear.

Dan: Rebekah is an absolute smoke show. Like most colors, yellow worked for Claire Holt here.

Steve: Ian Somerhalder. I don't remember a thing about what he was wearing but someone on this Round Table panel has to speak for 93 percent of TV Fanatic readers.

Leigh: Caroline for the win. That dress was old Hollywood glamour to the max. Perfection.

Matt and Bonnie and Prom King and Queen: the right call?

Matt: Matt was the obvious choice. Hello... varsity jacket?!? Find me another student with more spirit. Bonnie, conversely, has not smiled in a calendar year and has spent more time on the local college campus these days than in her own high school. Epic fail here, voters. Why not throw a bone April's way? Her frickin dad just died!

Miranda: I'd say weird call. How did Matt have time to get himself on the ballot with all the double shifts at The Grill? (Apparently he really IS manager at The Grill if he has the power to offer Rebecca a job! That explains why we haven't seen him in weeks.) Bonnie as Prom Queen had the potential to be very Carrie. Props to April for not cowering to Elena's threats, though, even if she did almost die.

Dan: Absolutely not. Was it vote for the lamest people at school? Is that how prom king and queen works?

Steve: Agree with Matt on Matt. Guy has been through a lot and still rocks that varsity jacket like a BOSS. Plus, he theoretically still goes to the school, unlike anyone else, Bon-Bon included.

Leigh: Umm... Bonnie is never even at school. Totally implausible. I think Matt is a viable candidate but I really saw Caroline as prom queen.

Would you want Caroline to plan your wedding?

Matt: Wait... can I be marrying the wedding planner? If so, yes.

Miranda: Absolutely. The girl knows how to throw a kick ass event. And on short notice, too!

Dan: No. Even Caroline didn't enjoy herself at the event. The prom looked nice on the surface, but didn't anyone really have a good time? I'm getting Jennifer Lopez to plan my wedding.

Steve: No chance. Because knowing her track record, people will die. DIE.

Leigh: Haha! She's like a blonde Monica Geller on vampire steroids. She'd plan a really pretty wedding but would give me a heart attack in the process. I'll pass

How should Damon and Stefan scare the humanity back into Elena?

Matt: Four words: Honey. Boo. Boo. Child.

Miranda: Clowns?? Spiders?? An eternity of listening to polka music? Can't they just let the vervain leave her system and then just have Klaus or Rebekah compel her to turn her humanity back on?? I guess that just doesn't make for good television because it's using common sense. They've got her locked up and should probably let Bonnie take it from here. Scary Bonnie has some scary skills.

Dan: It might not be working at the moment, but I'm having too much fun watching the two bros attempt to get her emotions going by working her heart like a speed bag. Would working fear into the equation be as interesting to watch? I don't think so.

Steve: Force her to watch Kim Kardashian and her family's reality shows on endless loop. Realizing that this kind of thing passes for TV nowadays will make her nauseous, jaded and disheartened.

Leigh: They both love her too much and she knows it. It would probably only scare her if they left her. Otherwise they should leave the fear stuff to Bonnie. That was intense.

Scariest part of the episode: Silas' face, April nearly dying or the prom song selection?

Matt: The prom song selection. Could Mystic Fall not afford Pauly D as DJ?!?

Miranda: Hitchcock once said "There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it." I think that may be true here, but since we only saw a sliver of Silas' face, I can't be sure. Since he's been so many other faces lately, I'm not sure what I anticipated him to look like. I'm still going with Silas' face, though.

Dan: The scariest part of the episode was imagining Silas bringing back all the dead supernaturals and realizing I might have to sit through more Jeremy Gilbert.  That's frightening.

Steve: Silas' face. April nearly dies all the time and the new Rihanna song is actually pretty good. Maybe not your standard prom material ... but it did set a chilling tone, no?

Leigh: That prom song selection was miserable. Could care less about Silas. As far as April I'd say her outfit was scarier than anything else involving her.

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