Nikita Review: Is the Quest for a Normal Life Futile?

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After spending all of Nikita season 3 wondering what Amanda wanted from Nikita, the answer was finally revealed in "Invisible Hand."

This whole time Amanda's been looking for validation of her belief that Nikita is the "perfect killing machine" and her "most perfect creation." That's what she's told herself anyway. I'm not entirely convinced Amanda knows or understands her own end game despite her nearly perfect record in manipulating people and circumstances to achieve her end game.

Nikita's Future

So much has happened that she didn't expect or plan that it's somewhat of a miracle that her manipulations ended up where she wanted. And, when exactly did she come up with this end game? After Ari's death most likely. She teamed up with the Shop at some point and then decided to use Michael's desire for a new hand as the cornerstone of her plan. She implanted the new style kill chip into his blood stream. Once that was done, it was all a matter of how to get a face-to-face with Nikita.

With Division decimated, Amanda left bread crumbs to lead Nikita to her. It's still unclear whether Amanda actually did anything to Nikita the last time they were together, but if she's telling the truth she didn't. All she needed was the idea that she might have to keep Nikita on her trail. After everything Nikita has been through because of Amanda, it's no wonder that she can't just let it go.

Division may be gone and they may have been given their freedom, but Nikita was correct when she told Michael that it wouldn't be over until Amanda was finally out of the picture. Though, given where Nikita is now, even if she would have run, Amanda had the deadly upper hand after contaminating Michael.

The fake-out with Hasan, the humanitarian, was probably unnecessary, but it opened a new career path for Alex. She would be a great Special Envoy to the UN. It would allow her to travel the world helping those in need. It may not be as action-packed, but it would keep her busy. Sonya's words of encouragement were a pleasant surprise. The two of them were never close, but I could see them becoming good friends in the outside world. 

With her friends looking to move on from Division, Nikita is probably in a position to carry out Amanda's demand without much interference from the others. But, will Nikita kill the President to save Michael? Nikita will look for a way out of this conundrum, but Amanda is smart enough to expect that as well.

I was surprised that Nikita didn't just write a note while she was talking to Michael. Amanda may have ears on Nikita and even electronic access to the computers, but good old fashion pencil and paper are nearly impossible to track. She can't use cameras since Division's are inoperable. Perhaps, Nikita will communicate and get assistance with her problem in the finale. 

Despite Amanda's blackmail, Nikita will certainly go out on her own terms. She wanted Michael to know she loves him and told him she was ready to get married. Given the finale title, "'Til Death Do Us Part," I hope they do get married just in case Amanda succeeds in either killing Michael or getting Nikita killed. Though, ultimately, either death would most likely leave her empty. Once someone is dead, they can no longer be played.

How will Nikita get out of this? Will she let Michael or someone else in on what's going on and get help? What do you want to see out of the finale? Should Amanda be killed off?

At least, it won't be the last we see of the show. Nikita's been renewed for a shortened season 4 to return in the fall.

Odds and Ends

  • Nice satellite-driven car action! Even better was Nikita's quick thinking escape through a shot out sunroof.
  • The callback to the airplane full of kids was the type of connection that Nikita does well. Everything within this world is interconnected.
  • Birkhoff and Sonya's relationship has moved along well. I love that he was concerned about moving out into the real world and she was reassuring. Her "shut up" after kissing him was awesome.
  • Ryan is getting the President to sign an immunity agreement for them all. Could that play into what Nikita decides to do? Depending on the deal, she could get away with it ... maybe?
  • The technology used on the show borders on unbelievable, but the writers always end up explaining it such that it appears plausible. A kill chip in the blood? Okay, sure, why not?
  • As much as I like Amanda, I think it's time for her to meet her end. I go back and forth on whether I want Nikita to take her out or not. In the end, perhaps the best death for Amanda would be a simple and unexpected one, like the Shop just putting a bullet in her head for failing them.

Invisible Hand Review

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Birkhoff: I thought we were done. No more missions.
Nikita: This is the last one.

My most perfect creation.