Pretty Little Liars Clips: Dancing, Confronting & Kissing

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We are off and running on Pretty Little Liars Season 4.

Did the premiere live up to its lofty expectations? Were you happy with the questions it answered? The ones it raised?

Fans won't have much time to ponder, of course, because "Turn of the Shoe" airs in just six days - and the upcoming installment will partly focus on Aria and Jake's relationship, as the following clip depicts these two starting to get close... until one of them backs away:

Elsewhere, Hanna will let Shana have it, although it's unclear whether this confrontation is deserved or not:

And in our third sneak peek at the episode, Emily will bond with Paige and give her a sweet kiss on the lips. But she'll also give her bad news about an injury. Watch now:

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Maybe you're not comfortable with the whole teacher-student thing. Could be complicated.


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