Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Turn of the Shoe

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This week the Pretty Little Liars Round Table team sat down to chat about "Turn of the Shoe," making sure to include a question about Ashley's shoes and what role she might have played in Wilden's death.

For this and more scintillating questions, join Leigh Raines, Nick McHatton, Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica by participating with us below. Drop your thoughts in the comments. Let the fun begin!


What do you think of Aria and her new martial arts instructor Jake?

Leigh: Braving the wrath of Ezria nation, I'm into it! Also I'm very into Aria getting some self defense lessons. This has nothing to do with Ezra because I actually liked how he was there for Spencer this week.

Nick: Aria is starting to become a porn movie cliche, but, in all honesty, I like the chemistry she shared with Jake. I like Ezra and Aria together but their age difference really became a hindrance as they faced more and more obstacles, so I'm glad Aria is at least attempting to move on a little bit. Some experience and time away from Ezra will serve her well.

Teresa: He's pretty cute, but honestly, I'd really like Aria to have something to do on this other than deal with romantic entanglements. Her entire storyline for the past three seasons involved her love life (and her father's unfortunately).

Carissa: He's a much better rebound than Ezra's brother, and the easiest way to move on is to have one, so I'm up for Jake being that guy. I doubt it will get serious. He's cute and he can teach her tricks!

What repercussions do you envision for Emily after the swim meet?

Leigh: Drug use and sports don't mix. Head injuries and sports also don't mix. I don't think Em is going to get that last scholarship...

Nick: The hospital probably ran a blood test, and the school most likely has zero tolerance for drug use and sports. I'm with Leigh on this one; I don't think Em and Paige are going to be pushing those twin beds together anytime soon.

Teresa: It was a big risk for Emily to take pain pills before the meet, especially since she was already busted before for steroid use. Of course that was all an A setup, but she's putting herself at risk of losing her spot on the team again! Also, I wonder if there's any permanent damage to her shoulder. Those were some pretty nasty bruises and an athlete like Emily should really get a doctor to check it out.

Carissa: She was making really bad choices and they caught up with her, most likely killing her academic, athletic and romantic futures. She's either going to becoming a raging drug addict, put all of her attention into bringing down A or straighten up and fly right. Or a combination of all three!

What do you think really went down with Ashley and her shoes?

Leigh: Ashley is no stranger to the shady doings in Rosewood. I think she's as guilty as she looked. I think she was at that lake and had something to do with Wilden.

Nick: She was definitely hoofing around in the mud, and she's no stranger to dealing with Wilden. I'm thinking Wilden called Ashley in an attempt to blackmail her for trying to mow him down with her car. Like all things in PLL, Ashley probably went to some shady area and tried to deal with him, but when Wilden tried to go too far with her, she most likely backed out of the deal. Someone else took him out, however; it's how PLL works.

Teresa: Oh, she totally killed Wilden. But I'm sure it was justified. He already threatened her once. I can see this being a case of self-defense.

Carissa: I'm torn. I don't know if she would go so far as to kill him after being so terrified of thinking she had done it once before. I'm betting it was a setup, but she knows better than to think it's as easy to get away as just throwing away her shoes.

Was Mona's attack in the car a setup or the real deal, and what's your reasoning?

Leigh: I think it was the real deal. We saw last week that Mona is now officially on A's radar with the addition of a Mona doll. She knew that Mona would try to prove herself to the girls and A always knows where they are. It was the perfect opportunity to scare Mona.

Nick: Mona isn't safe anymore. The attack in her car nearly killed her, and it's potential foreshadowing to Ali's insane self-apyhxsia. If Ali/Courtney/whoever attempts to get what she wants with trying to cut off her own oxygen supply, then attempting to choke her victims to death or to prove a point is some crazy symmetry that would make sense to them.

Teresa: I think it was the real deal. I feel like there's another faction in Rosewood fighting back against the A-team or maybe there's some in-fighting going on here. Last season's finale showed us that Jenna, Shana, and Melissa are clearly working against either Red Coat, the liars, or both. But then again, most of the time I'm not really sure who the real enemies are.

Carissa: I really want Mona to be at risk and be a liar now, but I didn't feel she was giving it her all when she was reaching for that flashlight. It felt like they were putting on a show for the lurkers. I hope I'm wrong.

Ali and her breath-holding temper tantrums seems like more evidence of a nutter out of the asylum. Do you think the bird will have genuine secrets to tell?

Leigh: That breath holding was CRAZY!!!! I can't believe that Ali did that. Then again it's Ali, why should anything shock us anymore? The bird could give some random clues that will just throw us onto more wild goose.

Nick: I think the bird's been cooked. No more secrets to repeat!

Teresa: The bird might give a few random phrases, but I doubt it would spill enough answers to justify its crazy existence. And wow! Ali's a seriously manipulative mean girl!

Carissa: If I were Mr.s D I would have just let her drop to the pavement. It seemed she had done it before. If its the Ali we've come to know, she'd have stopped before falling on her precious face. That would have been a clue! The bird was freaky and I hope it's not dinner. They have to get that number!

"A" followed through on her deal with Toby to provide information about his mother. The notes suggest that Marion was ready to return to Toby not jump out of a window. Did she really jump, or did someone push her?

Leigh: I just don't see what A would have against Toby's mom. I mean Alison was definitely a sociopathic troublemaker but would she really kill an innocent depressed woman? I think this more has to do with the fact that Radley is one of the shadiest places on earth and something went wrong. Might not quite link up with A.

Nick: Nothing good every comes out of Radley. She was pushed or blackmailed into jumping as a "repayment." And, if Mona found a way to get out of Radley, then she's probably not the first one who could come and go within the place as she pleased. I think she was pushed - A has never been the type of person to have short term plans.

Teresa: The show is very fond of making larger mysteries out past events, so I'll bet there's more to his mother's suicide than we know. Radley seems to have a lot connections to the A-team and it'll be interesting to see how Toby's mother is connected to Ali's death, Red Coat or the A-team.

Carissa: something I know about suicide is that people always have plans if they're trying to keep their plans secret, i.e., they really want to follow through. The harsh truth may be Toby needing to face up to the face his mother really left him and it had nothing to do with A.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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