Ray Donovan Review: Sexual Healing

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This was a relatively sedate episode of Ray Donovan, but it still packed a powerful punch in terms of the way Mickey has affected the family.

The man has a trashy, yet seductive quality about him and Bunchy, most of all, seems moved by it. So moved that he's most likely going to lose what he's waited for his entire life: some sort of recognition and admission of guilt by the Catholic Church of the wrongs that were done to him at hands of a weak priest.

Somehow, with Mickey's return, he's already feeling guilty taking the money, as it's breaking the financial structure of the church, paying out so many lawsuits.

Ezra and Ray

Mickey is so inappropriate in so many ways, but with regard to what happened to his son, he dragged others into it. Initially, Bunchy felt proud that his father was taking an interest in his healing process and attending a meeting with him, similar to AA but for men who had suffered the same fate as Bunchy. 

The joking at first had the others laughing uneasily, but when Mickey said he could use some oral rape over there - indicating the meeting was boring the hell out of him - he was finally asked to leave. God forbid he go graciously. Instead, he made a few more quips and then a plug for the Fite Club as he backed himself out of the door. It was a painful experience to watch, but even afterward, Bunchy didn't give up on Mickey. Since he chose not to let Ray manage his money for him, we can only imagine where it will go.

Onto and off of the slippery palm of Mickey Donovan, I'm sure.

Elsewhere, Ray finally got the information he wanted on the murder of the priest in Boston. It was Mickey who did it, but it was the wrong priest. Oh, how he loved delivering that news. Unfortunately for Ray, the case he thinks he is building against his father to get him back into prison will likely be pushed aside by FBI Agent Van. Van got Mickey out of prison, and if his wall of thugs has anything to say about the why of it, getting Ray is a big part of his agenda. Mickey is just stupid enough to lead him straight to his son.

Although Ray and Abby never spoke about Mickey and why Ray was so upset about letting him into their lives, they did make some moves toward reconciliation. Abby gave his clothes to the church, later rescinding the action (but that kind of stuff feels so good to do!) and they had a nice evening at the ground breaking celebration for the Ruth Goldman Ovarian Cancer Center that lead to Ray going home and a sexual tryst between the two. 

I think it was the fist time we saw them as a couple attracted to one another, and it was needed. It's not easy to just imagine what once was without some foundation or basis to want to cheer them on as a couple. This gave us a little something to cling to, as they will likely share many more mismanaged moments in the future.

Here's a rundown of other interesting developments of the week:

  • Bridget met Marvin Gaye, who is part of the noise pollution problem in the neighborhood, an up and coming rapping Justin Bieber who wants to be adopted by house owner ReCon. Ray did the honors of emancipating him from his mother and then Bridget honored Marvin Gaye by photographing her body parts during a chat. This can't end well.
  • Mickey's sexual side is killing him, and he went to the library to Google some ass. That's where the title of the episode, "Twerk" comes from. He has a thing for black women and that's their signature move. He tried to break Bunchy out of his sexual anorexia with a couple ladies he brought to Fite Club, but I didn't see Bunchy jumping out of his chair to participate in some twerking.
  • Terry got beat up pretty bad thanks to Mickey's overextending his reach at the club, and Ray told Terry to ask out Frances, the nurse. He has the dating prowess of a three year old, but managed to ask her out on a date. He's a good guy; I look forward to seeing how that goes.

It was another solid episode, and this one was pure drama. Ray only stumbled upon the "fixer" side because of issues at home, which made for an interesting hour focusing solely on the Donovans and just how messed up they really are. Liev Schrieber and Jon Voight carry the show with their acting chops, but I've been surprised by some of the recurring characters, such as Brooke Smith who plays Frances and Steven Bauer as Avi. The latter has waited a long time for a well respected role, and he's making the most of it.

Don't be afraid to share your thoughts about the show in the comments, and check out the Ray Donovan quotes. A bunch of good ones again this week. 

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Ray Donovan Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Mickey: You got no real porn.
Bunchy: I'm a sexual anorexic.
Mickey: Uh huh. Well, we'll take care a dat. A man's got needs.

Ray: Where's your father?
Marvin Gaye: Dead Holmes.
Ray: Lucky you.