True Blood Review: The Ultimate Hybrid

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Now THAT is how you end an episode of television! True Blood has always been good at the cliffhanger, leaving us all with a massive fangover - and this week's episode anything but an exception.

In "At Last," Sookie proved two things:

  1. She doesn't seek out the healthiest relationships.
  2. She's learned a thing or two about taking care of herself over the years.

While a lot of people have speculated that Ben's intentions were less than honorable and he might be someone other than who he claimed to be, it was how Sookie handled it that really had me gasping before the credits rolled. She used the power of the P and she used it well.

Warning: Major spoilers after the jump.

Jessica and Her Fangs

That's right! Ben is Warlow. Now riddle me this, how has Grandpa Niall been tracking Warlow for all these years and not even realized that he was just hanging out with him in last week's True Blood? Also why did Ben/Warlow (should we just start calling him Ben-low?) drain him but not drink him? There are a ton of questions that come to mind as we were introduced to the most epic hybrid since Klaus on The Vampire Diaries.

So basically Lilith was tempted by the fae, as all vampires are... she turned a fae and thus created her progeny: Warlow. Now, according to Nora and her not-so-trusty bible, the only person who can can stop Lilith and her madness is Warlow. Unfortunately for Bill, his grand plan to create a Tru Blood that would allow vampires to walk in the daylight is probably shot to hell after Jessica drained their faery captors. Andy Bellefleur is gonna be pissed!

Who is going to camp next? Nora and Pam are toast. Will Tara make it? Did Jessica definitely kill the Bellefleur girls or can they be salvaged? I have to say, I never thought I'd care this much about an Andy-related storyline, but it's definitely held my attention.

Just do this for me Kev, 4 Caucasian females, between 4 and 7 feet tall, between 60 and 260 pounds, and between the ages of 10 and I don’t know 50. Now c’mon, do some fucking police work for a change. | permalink

As for Bill, when he isn't possessed by his Lilith voice or covered in gooey blood, he's actually trying to find a solution to end the madness. Eric's tactics in the human vs. vampire war are a lot more aggressive. Is anyone else totally surprised that Eric didn't sleep with Willa at least once before he sent her home to Governor Burrell? C'mon, this is Eric Northman we're talking about. Then again, this is a war and Eric doesn't mess around when it comes to that. Like he said to Willa, she was only the second person he's ever turned and he doesn't take this lightly. 

I truly don't give a lick about Alcide's angry storyline this season. The old Alcide would never have ordered his pack to tear part a few harmless kids with iPhone cameras who were trying to support supernatural rights. Is he still high on the V? Sam was his friend. Luna asked that Sam look after Emma. Speaking of Sam, I don't really care all that much about him hooking up with Denise from Full House either. Poor Emma should just go live with Lafayette! 

All in all, a great episode with a lot of answers. There's just one huge question that remains: if Warlow is the villain he is said to be, how is everyone in Bon Temps not dead already? Why did he let Jason go? I think that Ben-low is a lot more complex that we realized and luckily the reveals are only getting started! What did you think of this week's True Blood? Hit the comments! 

At Last Review

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