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With former showrunner David Zuckerman penning his first script of Wilfred season 3, "Intuition" had the epic feel of a premiere or finale.  It makes sense because four of the six episodes Zuckerman had penned prior to this week's installment were the first or last installment of a season.

It was funny, for sure.  But it was the pacing, the structure and the way everything fell perfectly into place by the end that made "Intuition" such an enjoyable half hour of television.

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Having Ryan state early on that he thought Wilfred was making the whole "muuuurrrdeeerrr" thing up to get something he wanted, allowing the character and the audience to then get lost in the adventure and then reveal to all of us that yes, of course, Wilfy was pulling one over on Ruh-ruh-ruh-Ry-sharona, was simply great story telling.

The fact that Wilfred's plan was to do something so terrible in killing Jelly Beans to then reap the ridiculously petty benefit of getting his bandana, because Ryan said it was "cute," was both crazy and wonderful. It's exactly what you expect out of Wilfred.

Similarly, the running Scooby Doo theme throughout was similarly tremendous. Early on Ry-can-see-clearly-now-the-rain-is-gone mentioned he watched a Scooby marathon while facing insomnia. Later, he tells Wilfy that he's like Scooby - which the dog takes hilarious defense to. Eventually, as we all assumed - although it didn't make it any less funny - Wilfy goes off on Ryan in Scooby Doo fashion about not getting away with his plan because of the "meddling kid."

By the end of the adventure, Wilfy told Ryan to trust his gut in regards to the dreams he had been having because it was right about Wilfred being up to something. His dreams were telling him many things, but a couple stood out to me.

  1. Ryan's a mess. He shouldn't be doing so many drugs. And certainly shouldn't be going to the grocery store while on sleeping pills.
  2. Ryan's dad either isn't "the bad guy," or Ryan's dad just wants him to believe that he isn't.  Either way, that catch phrase is really catching on with me. I'm going to start saying it to everyone who argues with me.
  3. Ryan's dad is Harry Morgan!  I'm glad that talented veteran actor James Remar was picked to play the role of Ryan's father, but since I know the man most recently for playing the ghost of a serial killer's father, it's hard to think of him any other way.

Check out some of our favorite moments from the night below and then head to our Wilfred quotes section for the best lines of the series.

  • Kristen: One of those and I'm out for eight hours...doesn't matter how loud the baby cries.
  • Boy, Jenna is classy. I heard when she goes to the bathroom, she keeps her legs crossed! #rodneydangerfield
  • Wilfred: Why did you do it Gene? Where are you going? And why has your blinker been on for the last 10 miles? Just turn left already! Jesus!
  • I'm sad to see the Wilfred/Jelly Beans friendship/rivalry come to an end.  It was a great running gag.
  • Wilfred: You drove me to it. The way you went on and on about that bandana!
    Ryan: I said it was cute.
    Wilfred: Exactly! What was I supposed to do, not kill him for his bandana?
  • I loved the long shot of Wilfred and Ryan jumping off the bridge. It was unsurprisingly great stuff from director Randall Einhorn.

"Intuition" was another great installment of one of the best comedies on television. What did you think of this week's ep? What were your favorite moments? What didn't you like? And what is YOUR gut telling you these days?

Intuition Review

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