Covert Affairs Review: Incredibly Bloody Stupid

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This season of Covert Affairs has been a whirlwind of danger, secrets and new characters with hidden agendas. I've enjoyed the journey of mysteries unraveling at a lightning pace, as well as the ones that remain just out of reach.

That was until the truth about Helen came out in this week's "Crackity Jones." I didn't mind that Teresa ended up being Helen or that Auggie's "wife" was still alive. It wasn't much of a surprise since I speculated about Helen's true identity in last's Tuesday's review.  

The problem with Helen's appearance was that the whole existence of her character ended up being a disappointment. 

Facing the Past

That could change over the coming episodes, but at this point it appears she showed up, stirred up trouble and is returning to her dark undercover world. In the season 4 premiere, Arthur told Helen that their deal was off, but Arthur didn't show any discontent over her. What happened to the discord between Arthur and Helen, especially since he's the one that recommended that Annie work with her?

Given Helen's relationship with Arthur and then later following Henry, I expected there to be more depth to her character. Instead, she faked her death, lied to Auggie about her feelings and then used her poor decisions to push Annie and Auggie apart. It felt very contrived and unnatural to the story that's been told so far. She was another new character and wrinkle in their world, but this one didn't work well.

The overarching story is complicated enough with Henry, Teo, and Calder. The episode was saved by those reveals. One thread that worked well was Calder's unwillingness to accept Annie's story about Stravos' killing. He knows that there's something up with Annie, but it doesn't appear he's made the connections yet.

Calder's loyalty to the CIA is still questionable. Is he working for Henry like Seth was? Or, is Calder just a by-the-book guy who really wants to change how things are done at the CIA? Annie doesn't trust him, but should she? Given the two flash forwards, I believe that Calder is working with Annie rather than against her. Helen faked her death, could Calder be helping Annie fake her own?

It's still unclear what Henry is doing. He's meeting with ALC members, buying stolen missiles, and trying to turn CIA agents. When Annie dismissed him, Henry was adamant that she was making a mistake. Is it possible that Henry has good intentions? He believes Teo is a terrorist with the ALC just as Annie believes Henry is corrupt.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if Henry and Teo are playing the same game? Okay, it probably would be more irritating than funny. With all the build up, Henry has to be on the wrong side of this or it's all for naught.

While several storylines moved forward in "Crackity Jones," it really was all about the break up of Annie and Auggie. Until they got together, I was against any romantic relationship between the two. But ... when it happened, I bought it because it felt authentic. Their break up was just the opposite. It felt forced and contrived.

If they were going to break up, it should have been when Annie found out that Auggie lied to her and was keeping secrets. The excuse that they will never have normalcy in their life was a cop out. If they wanted it, they could have it. Up until the appearance of Helen, they looked to Joan and Arthur as an example of a successful couple. It made no sense for them to forget what they have and what they strive to be together. 

The final moments were heartbreaking to watch. Piper Perabo and Chris Gorham portrayed the hesitancy of the decision well. And, they exuded the intense emotional pain of the moment.

It was distressing to watch, but I'm putting that aside for now and holding firm that Walkerson isn't over. Annie and Auggie will overcome this blip in their relationship and move forward stronger than ever.

Did you enjoy the introduction of Helen and how the story played out? Or did you also find it contrived? Should Annie and Auggie broke up? Is Calder a threat or a potential ally against Henry?

Crackity Jones Review

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