Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Bring Down the Hoe"

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The Pretty Little Liars weren't successful in their attempts to "Bring Down the Hoe" this week, but we Round Table participants still found some things to discuss.

There's Red Coat, Toby and Spencer, a new guy helping Ashley Marin and more. Join Leigh Raines, Nick McHatton, Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica below for their weekly discussion of this ABC Family smash.


Was CeCe out of town saying she didn't want to come back during the first Red Coat sighting?

Leigh: I think she was probably nearby. Maybe she was in Ravenswood? Does A have other lairs far away?

Nick: I'm with Leigh on this one. She couldn't be very far.

Teresa: I don't think CeCe was the person we saw at the country western dance. The black hoodie she was wearing at the end seemed like a pretty clear sign from the writers that she wasn't playing Red Coat that night.

Carissa: I thought her saying she wasn't planning on going back to Rosewood any time soon while a red coated soul was crawling through the hay was the indicator we have more than one red coat on the loose. Of course. Probably a handful, half of them men in blond wigs. 

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Was Toby hypocritical to be angry at Spencer for choosing her friends over him when he chose A over her?

Leigh: I agree with you on that. I also get that Toby is sensitive because this is his mother and he's trying to find out if she was murdered. Spencer should've gone to him and been open about it causing a divide. She wasn't doing it to be malicious to Toby.

Nick: Toby's anger at Spencer felt a bit contrived. It's his mother, and she has a very special place in his heart; so Spencer breaking his trust a little bit is understandable. However, she's doing a lot to try to help him, and a lot of what she's telling him is good, solid advice - they need real evidence, and they shouldn't be making that many deals with A. Plus, the ladies wouldn't tell a soul anyways. Spencer tried made the best decision given her circumstances.

Teresa: Toby was way out of line tonight. Anybody who lied to his girlfriend for as long as Toby did (while secretly terrorizing her and her friends) should be permanently grateful that she even took him back. I understand his pain over the loss of his mother, but perhaps he should be more focused on his future than on his past. Plus, doesn't he know better than to trust A?

Carissa: Totally agree with Teresa that he was way out of line. So his mother was killed - or forced to take her own life. It's not as if others don't have parents in jeopardy right now. What he's learning could help Hanna keep her mother or Emily keep her family together, but he doesn't give a crap about anybody buy himself. I've had enough of the creep. I don't trust him any longer. He's too whiny and that makes him a wild card.

Were you surprised so many people in Eastern PA could two-step?

Leigh: Yes. I lived in Eastern PA for 4 years for college and have never seen that in my life. Also my experience at high school dances was either people standing around staring at crushes and then that random crew that was hardcore grinding. Ain't no two-stepping!

Nick: I learned the two-step in PE, but I'm still laughing at a school dance dedicated to having a hoedown. Uh, yeah, that'll never happen. My school dances were comprised of a whole lot of people forming a bunch of circles around the perimeter of the gym, and a few brave souls getting yelled at for grinding in the middle.

Teresa: Yes. Choreographed dancing (even if it's a line-dance) always seem so ridiculous to me in teen movies and dramas.

Carissa: I'm old. We did the friggin' Hustle if we smuggled in alcohol, but never busted a move in pairs like that. I think we would have rather died first, and that was in western PA. The thing that made me laugh the most was how Emily managed to have an entire ho-down ensemble at the ready when she's been living out of a backpack. That's some damn good planning her part. Middle of summer and she had some kick-ass fringe boots in the bag. Wow.

Did you think Jake was right in what he said to Ezra at the dance?

Leigh: I think no one can ever really know what went on between two people except for them. Ezra and Aria have their own business. With that said, I like that Jake had her back and told the guy she's never gonna be able to move on if he's following her like a puppy. Granted Jake didn't know about Malcom and all of that, but from his perspective he was right.

Nick: Echoing Leigh again. Jake knows enough about the situation, and he's calm and collected about it. But he's willing to hit the mat to make sure Ezra isn't following Aria around and making her uncomfortable in the process. I am glad that Aria decided to visit him at the end though. It's unfortunate CeCe had to listen in though.

Teresa: I think Jake was right to let Ezra know that Aria needs distance to move on. Plus, it really isn't fair for Ezra to make Aria the person he goes to for comfort. It was probably just a force of habit, especially since he's feeling devastated. But breaks up usually mean you've lost both a girl/boyfriend and a best friend. Time for both to move on because their relationship will only cause them both trouble.

Carissa: Jake was the first person who ever said the right thing to Ezra on Aria's behalf. Not even her parents managed to get out a statement that made as much sense as what Jake said to Ezra. Give her some space and let her decide what she wants on her own. Be an adult, because, dude, you are one. I loved it. My favorite Jake moment.

What about the cowboy (farm boy?) Travis and Hanna? Has someone put him up to this or is it real?

Leigh: It's so hard to know if anyone in Rosewood is ever genuine. Even one of the liars went rogue for a bit. There's no reason for this guy to go to Hanna and help her but he could always be another pawn. Maybe it is a plan to get Ashley off the hook. A likes to mess with people and bring them to the edge before pulling them back to show that she has all the control.

Nick: This is Pretty Little Liars, he's precisely in the middle of being a liar and being truthful. I, myself, am leaning towards him being put up to it. This kind of situation has a Mona feel to it. A random guy we have never seen before is able to give a liar what they want? That feels like Season 1 A: Mona.

Teresa: Eh...we knew that somebody had to save Hanna's mom. Why not a random character? So far, he seems genuine, but I'm really suspicious of a how all these Rosewood kids are so distrustful of cops. Rosewood seems pretty middle to upper class, so what's the deal?

Carissa: Someone in the review comments noted that even if he's the real deal, A or a minion was probably filming Hanna giving him the envelope so it looks like she's bribing him. Whether he's a willing participant or not remains to be seen, but I'm betting not. Especially because he's cute, and seems to like Hanna. And, well, Caleb is leaving. Maybe he's sticking around. 

What's your best guess for World War A?

Leigh: Are we going to meet Red Coat? I think Caleb will probably make some discoveries that will carry over for when he joins Ravenswood. Maybe we'll see CeCe. Likely we will get one answer and then 3 new questions. Standard PLL fare.

Nick: I think we'll finally see who Red Coat is; Mona will make a return appearance after figuring out whatever riddle she found in Radley; and CeCe will either be the one pulling a lot of the manipulations or she'll be just another in a long line of people manipulated by A.

Teresa: I agree with Leigh in that there were definitely be something to draw Caleb away from Rosewood and on to Ravenswood, but other than that....maybe we'll find out who Red Coat is. Or we'll find out there's actually an army of Red Coats fighting a never-ending battle against the black hoodies on the A-team.

Carissa: I'm wondering if CeCe will die, putting an end to all of our speculation about her being Red Coat. I don't know why I think the summer finale will have a death, but I do and that's it. I'm also on board with with the Caleb business, but it might not happen until the Halloween episode.  I can say that I'm definitely not expecting anything explosive or war like. Our liars usually aren't that together when it comes to putting A on edge. 

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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