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Travis' statement to the police ultimately leads to Ashley's release and CeCe becoming the main suspect in Wilden's death. A threatens to kill Mona, so the group tries to find Mona before it's too late. A's clues lead them to a magic show in Ravenswood. While the magician makes Aria disappear and reappear, someone uses the opportunity to make Emily disappear. The girls find her locked in a box about to be sawed in half at a sawmill. Two Red Coats are also at the sawmill, and Aria unmasks CeCe before she falls off a balcony and ultimately escapes. Spencer follows the other Red Coat to a new A lair where Aria figures out that A has also been following Alison. Grunwald finally opens up and tells the girls that Ali called her that summer for guidance about someone who was threatening her. Grunwald went to Rosewood the night Ali disappeared and ended up pulling Ali out of her makeshift grave. But then Ali took off on her own. The girls decide to find her at a Ravenswood costume party, but Grunwald warns that A will use them to find Alison. At the episode's end, Ezra walks into the A lair, furious that someone discovered his secret hiding place.

Pretty Little Liars
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