Graceland Review: 10 Seconds

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This episode of Graceland included anything but "Happy Endings" for our favorite agents.

With Mike and Briggs pitted against each other and Charlie in bed with the wrong agent and beating up drug dealers, there are plenty of plot points on a crash course towards each other going into the Graceland Season 1 Finale.

Mike Continues the Search

I think we all knew that Mike and Briggs were eventually going to have to face off in an attempt to gain the proof each needed to either remove or reinforce suspicions regarding Briggs and his actions over the course of the season, most recently his involvement in the death Juan Badillo.

It shouldn't have surprised me that Briggs tricked Jakes into helping him cover-up the death, but you really did get to see their relationship on another level once he agreed to help Briggs even after finding out the truth. The funny thing about the truth is that it really can set you free and bring people over to your side. That's a lesson that I'm sure Briggs wishes he would have learned sooner, especially with the house splitting into factions over Briggs and their suspicions about him. 

One thing I really liked about this episode was the discussion Paige and Mike had in the costume wardrobe about who was potentially responsible for the breakdown of the house, Briggs or Mike. While I think the answer is yet to be seen, everyone in the house really has a part to play in the blame, mostly from their individual insistence to keep their thoughts and suspicions to themselves. No one really has the whole story about Briggs and what he's gotten himself into and why.

Funny thing is, if Briggs heads to the border, the house will collapse anyway, and only one version of the truth will have a chance to prevail. 

Of course, we should have expected Briggs to run. He's been trying to outrun everything that's happened to him since his days at The Estate. He's now suspected of being a faceless and dangerous drug lord, and, on top of that, he's also a murder. I might have strongly considered running in his position as well. What I was a little disappointed in was that Jakes was seemingly going to let him do it. 

Apparently they go back a little ways more than I realized. I get that there's loyalty there, but letting him go would really cause the house to end up in shambles, likely leading everyone in it to become a suspect in the murder. 

But then again, one very important question remains: Where is that recording?

Is it possible that Briggs managed to make it to the car somehow? Is there someone else on his trail that we may not be expecting? I'm certainly curious to find out whether or not Briggs will go down for this murder.

Speaking of murder, it appears Charlie had two close calls in being killed herself, and she still doesn't even know it. She's partnered with a famed and feared killer and isn't even aware of it, people! Lucky for Charlie, Johnny has got her back in a crazy fortunate way. I certainly breathed a sigh of relief when he dropped in on that meet. Charlie doesn't know how close she is to something very tragic, which seems almost inevitable.

Looks like we have a lot to look forward to as the walls continue to close in on Briggs and the rest of the housemates. But will they have what it takes to not only come clean with one another, but turn things around for the better? Tune in next week and we'll find out together.

Other highlights from the episode: 

  • Johnny's pancake shapes. Let's be honest, they looked delicious.
  • Charlie taking that drug dealer out. He deserved it.
  • Johnny insisting that Charlie reimburse him in whole or in part for the bouncy house she destroyed in anger.
  • Mike showing up at that shop, much to Briggs' surprise.

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