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If I didn't know any better, I would have thought Darby's ousting was simply a moment of opportunity. But something in the way it all went down seemed to me like "Endgame." And a well orchestrated one at that! 

Should we start taking bets as to how long it will be before Edward Darby's name is removed from that coveted door?

The Winning Team

If Jessica had anything to do with it, I'm sure it would have been removed long ago. Yet as any good chess player knows, moving the right pieces takes time. And if there's anything we've learned about Jessica Pearson over the years, it's that she's a master chess player with only one blind spot: Harvey.

Saying I knew this was coming would be an understatement. I knew it from the minute she put Harvey's name on the door. But even in the season premiere, "The Arrangement" - when she and Darby had the terse but true discussion about the formalities of having both of their names on the letterhead with Pearson first - something about this merger wasn't right. Unfortunately for Jessica, Harvey knew it. 

I've said before that Jessica would have been much better off discussing with Harvey the reasons she chose to merge, especially since she's now admittedly called him family. I think he would have understood that Jessica needed to do what she had to in order to save the firm and get herself out of it later, the same advice she gave Ava Hessington in "Shadow of a Doubt."

I love, though, that Jessica working herself out of the situation was as epic and brutal as the circumstances that forced her to accept in the first place. Not only did she get him revoked from practicing law in the U.S., she managed to use not only Harvey, but opposing counsel (Cameron Dennis) to do it. Darby made it to the end of his rope, and Jessica made sure there was nothing left for him to hold onto.

Clearly the previews from next week prove that this re-assertion of power is far from secured, but it's a possibility now where it wasn't before. About time the queen returned to her thrown.

And that's exactly where we found Donna this week after her heartbreaking split with the murderous Stephen Huntley. There are fewer things more dangerous than a woman scorned. Multiply that by infinity when that woman is Donna. She was out for him from the beginning, taking pleasure in his termination and finally his arrest. I was proud of her, and I'm not ashamed to admit it! That little smirk after he was taken away in handcuffs was priceless.

I was a little ashamed, however, at Louis in his conduct towards Harold. While wildly entertaining, I do feel like Harold has been through quite enough in the recent year. Having Louis as opposing counsel, and a hostile one at that, was probably more than Harold could have bargained for. I will admit that Harold held his own much better than he did while still an associate. Yet in the end, he was no match for Louis.

Which is why I was also insanely proud that Louis put on his big boy pants and accepted the offer Harold proposed for his client after Rachel talked him down. Clearly this was more about Louis getting a victory over the associate he saw as a glaring failure in the course of his mentorship than something he was passionate about settling for his client. I've really enjoyed seeing Rachel become a vocal conscience for Louis that's forced him to take a step back on more than one occasion to assess his behavior.

Another individual I've seen assessing, and perhaps even reassessing, has been Harvey. Weird, I know, seeing as Harvey is usually chomping at the bit to take on old enemies, typically only giving them one chance to prove his preconceptions either right or wrong.

Despite the fact that Harvey and Cameron Dennis have a history that once was very amicable, the more recent state of their relationship possessed no signs of reconciliation. Yet the fact that the deal Harvey brokered with Dennis could include a clause that banned Darby from practicing law in the U.S. was only the first thing that shocked me about the last few minutes of that episode. There was also the fact that Harvey was operating on the assumption that what Dennis really wanted to do was put the bad guy away, and wouldn't put the wrong person in jail again - and Harvey was right.

Even though Cameron had already thrown Harvey under the bus when Stephen was on the stand during the opening phases of Ava's trial, Harvey still believed that given proper incentive he could get him to really think and change his mind. In a strange, and perhaps not surprising way, Cameron reminds of me of Harvey in that he is also about getting the bad guy and the right guy. I really saw Harvey's trying to get Cameron on board with this plan as a way of convincing himself that he, much like Cameron seemed in this case, could be redeemed. Instead of scum, Dennis was a team player. It was about getting the bad guy, just like old times. Then again, it could have just been about getting Darby out of the picture, and that would have been simple enough for me.

Only two episodes left, Suitors! With Darby out, will Harvey keep his name on the door, or will he decide it's too much?

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