Under the Dome Review: Who's the Savior?

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Who's the devil in Chester's Mill? 

Without a doubt, it's Big Jim. He may believe that he has the town's best interest at heart, but all he really cares about is maintaining and increasing his power position. He's killed people to protect his secret, to take out rivals for control and to frame the his biggest threat.

Julia Is Wounded

In "Speak of the Devil," Big Jim's motivations became clear. He's out for himself and that's it. While I do believe he cares about Junior, he's shown in the past that he would ditch his own son in a second if it served his greater purpose. Big Jim is the devil in town. So does that make Barbie the savior?

Big Jim has been an almost omnipotent force since the Dome appeared. He killed anyone that was a threat to him without any repercussions. Even after Linda and Julia began to suspect that Jim was responsible for some of them, he was able to convince Linda that he wasn't such a bad guy by pushing Barbie as a greater threat.

While Big Jim was able to hide is misdeeds from his fellow residents, he couldn't hide them from the Dome. The intelligence behind the Dome remains a mystery, but it has some purpose and goal in town. It's learned to communicate through its abilities to manipulate the weather, seizures, pink stars, and visions.

The foursome's vision at the Dome was quite shocking and much different in tone and purpose than the previous ones. Julia's vision was "The monarch will be crowned," which has driven the teens to try and figure out the identity of the monarch.

Is "monarch" literal and have to do with the potential butterfly in the mini-dome? Or is it figurative to refer to a leader within the town? Or are they somehow related? After stopping the storm by saving Angie, Junior now believes he's the monarch, though I suspect he's going to be disappointed. It's not about him.

It's all about Barbie because he's the savior. If it ends up not being him, it will be a shocking letdown. The clues all point to him, including the message from the military acknowledging that Barbie's inside the Dome. While Jim believes they want him for nefarious reasons, I expect that the military believes he will be able to help them with the situation.

The season has been leading up to a face-off between the evil Big Jim and the honorable yet misunderstood Barbie. Jim is a killer. Barbie may have shot the gun that killed Peter, but it was self-defense. And, in actuality, Peter's death was a suicide.

Now that Big Jim has instituted a State of Emergency and blamed Barbie for multiple killings, it's a changed game. How will Barbie get out of it? With Julia unconscious, he doesn't have anyone on his side. Even Linda has been swayed by Big Jim, though I'll be disappointed if she doesn't start thinking for herself. 

Linda has all the information necessary to come to the truth on her own. If she doesn't, then it will be up to the teens and their vision to get it done. Will Junior kill his own father? Would Angie, Joe, or Norrie kill Big Jim? If the Dome could create the storm to get Angie and Junior back working together, what will it do to force their hands? 

Big Jim needs to be punished for his wrongs, but I'm not sure the teens are the ones who should have to live with bloody hands. 

Speak of the Devil Review

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