Agents of SHIELD Round Table: "Eye Spy"

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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD gave viewers a look into the early years of Agent Coulson this week, as we learned that the man in charge has mellowed a bit since his initial missions.

We also got to witness Melinda dodge a steak knife, while trying not to cover our eyes as Fitz and Simmons performed eye surgery on an awake Amador.

Yes, "Eye Spy" offered up some fresh developments - and Round Table panelists Jim Garner, Kate Brooks, Christine Orlando, Ellyssa (from and Craig (from are here to break them all down. Gather around and join the debate below!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Kate: "Bang." I love how Skye is so anti-agent. I really enjoyed how Ward said that she can't figure out the difference between the safety and clip release. Then low and behold, it came into play in the field. Skye is my favorite character right now because she is so different.

Christine: Can I give my least favorite scene? Fitz and Simmons performing eye surgery. I know it's sci-fi robotic type stuff but I HATE anything having to do with eyes. It totally freaked me it. I couldn't even look at the screen.

Ellyssa: Coulson approaches "the handler", he simply says "oh god" knowing he's about to die and there's not a thing he can do about it. I know a lot of people think it was predictable and maybe I'm just simple but it took my by surprise and I enjoyed the way that scene played out.

Craig: Seeing the red-masked folks boarding the train in Sweden was some great imagery. It kind of reminded me of the Avengers... not the movie, but the 1960's TV show. At first I was wondering why people didn't seem to be reacting to them much, but later in the episode we found that, indeed, they are.

Jim: First, Christine, I agree with you. But second, there were so many good scenes to like. I love they filmed on location in Sweden!

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Do you think everyone deserves a second chance?
Kate: Absolutely. In regards to this show, I think second chances aren't something that come by very often as agents. To see someone get a second chance, there's probably a catch that comes along with it.

Christine: A second chance. Absolutely. Pretty much everyone associated with SHIELD is there because they were given a second chance. Of course if you mess things up enough you eventually run out of chances.

Ellyssa: Yes, I really d. People make mistakes, even some really big ones and for all kinds of reasons, it's human nature but if you don't make the most of that second chance and change your ways, you lose.

Craig: Coulson sure does, and he's a better boss than I would be. It's an admirable trait to see the best in everyone. The whole "second chance" trope on the show is already getting a little stale, but I'm hoping with time we'll see different kinds of stories. The show is still new, after all.

Jim: While I agree with Craig, that "second chances" is wearing thin on the Bus, overall I believe we all deserve second chances, except at learning to skydive, you really can only mess that up once.

If you were on the team, what would you call Coulson (i.e. Agent Coulson, AC, Phil, etc)?
Kate: I'm boring and I follow rules so I'd call him Sir or Coulson. Most likely, Sir.

Christine: I kind of liked Skye calling him AC. I don't think that works for everyone else but it definitely works for her. If I ever get to meet Agent Coulson I'll see if I can pull it off too.

Ellyssa: Coulson, or maybe Son of Cole!

Craig: I'd call him "Sir" because he'd surely outrank me.

Jim: I'm with Craig and Kate. It would be "Sir." Given the years I spent in the Air Force, I would be hard press not to try and salute.

Is Melinda intentionally covering detectable changes in Coulson since he was in "Tahiti"?
Kate: I don't know if she is intentionally covering them but I am really curious. It made me think of Maria Hills quote from the Pilot, "He doesn't know" - What did they do to Coulson? Was Tahiti an illusion, memory implants? I'm really hanging on to this, I don't want to know what happened but I need to know.

Christine: I don't know if she's covering them up or simply noticing them herself. And when will we find out what happened to the poor guy. Brain implant, memory wipe, is he a clone of his original self. They've got me really curious.

Ellyssa: Melinda clearly doesn't know what has happened to Coulson since he "died," but there's no way she's going to leave it now she knows something is going on. She will dig for the truth and when she finds it, I think she'll do whatever it takes to protect Coulson from whatever consequences there may be and we can assume from Hill's "He can never know" that there will be consequences when he finds out.

Craig: It appears so. The more important question, I think, is why? Professional respect? Friendship? Or did Nick Fury or Maria Hill tell her to keep tabs on him.

Jim: Didn't she mumble something about him dying last week? For me, that means she knows the truth and is either covering it up or denying it. Either way she has to have seen the differences that Amador saw.

Skye retreats to her van (or a SUV) for her "comfortable space." Do you have one, if so what is it?
Kate: My comfortable space would be my office. By office, I really mean the room in my apartment that has my computers and my old computer chair. This is my space that I don't like other people being.

Christine: My sofa, in front of my TV, with my laptop. I write about TV. This is my comfort zone.

Ellyssa: I wouldn't say I do, though any place I can sit with my cat on my lap is a good comfortable place. Forget the fish tank, the Bus needs a cat!

Craig: Lately, I've liked going into a small library corner in my apartment to do my work and just retreat. Sometimes it's nice to be left alone to do what we need to do

Jim: I retreat to my computer station in my office. I can listen to music, surf videos or just check and see what's happening in the world, all from my comfy office chair. Give me a good cup of coffee and I'm happy. I guess I'm just pretty simple kind of guy.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Ward: I know Director Fury felt he owes you after you scarified yourself.
Coulson: And my card collection.

Ward: And the attackers?
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