Agents of SHIELD Round Table: "The Asset"

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Welcome to another edition of the Agents of SHIELD Round Table.

Following this Tuesday's "The Asset," TV Fanatic staffers Jim Garner and Kate Brooks are joined below by Ellyssa (from and Craig (from to discuss the episode's best moments, the many references to The Avengers and a lot more...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Craig: I know the answer is potentially cheesy and predictable, but I really liked the final moments of the episode, where Skye seems to be realizing that she has a "family" now. I think the Skye/Ward romantic hints might be a bit too fast, but whatever. Chloe Bennet is one of the best assets of the show and as an entryway character for the audience, I think she works better than most.

Kate: Since Craig said mine first pick, I'll say my second. When Ward came in and saved Skye. At times, fight scenes on television can get really choreography and you can see it coming, but with Ward's scenes they're so convincing and very bad ass. I can see Brett Dalton's athletic build changing each episode.

Ellyssa: I'm going to go with the fight between Couslon and Hall this week. I liked the idea of the two being flipped sideways and upside down, it was something different and was an enjoyable scene to watch. Runner up has to be Fitz's "boobs" moment, so awkwardly funny

Jim: I loved Coulson and Ward storming the beach. Gotta adore Coulson's dedication to the suit and Ward's solution for disabling the gun by tossing it into the laser field was pretty funny.

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Are they over doing the references to The Avengers and other movies?
Craig: I didn't feel it so much this week, although the word "Gravitonium" is way too silly for me as far as banged-over-your-head Marvel references can go. References and ties to the greater Marvel Universe help reinforce the connection to the movies, though, so for me it's still a very good thing.

Kate: I think right now, they're trying to keep people into the show and keep viewers and constantly referencing the Avengers keeps reminding people that hey, we were apart of this HUGE BLOCKBUSTER film. Plus, without these references, Coulson wouldn't be Coulson. I think at some point, it'll be like, the viewers get the point.

Ellyssa: As I said last week, I think they're getting close. I'm willing to give them a pass at this point but my own opinion is I think they need to start pulling back a little or at least make them a little less obvious. I do like the references and it's a great nod to the fans but it's starting to feel a little like it's being thrown in for the sake of it rather than to serve the story.

Jim: As someone who has seen all the blockbuster movies, it feels like they are over doing it after three episodes. However, as they've announced that Titus Welliver will be reprising his role from the DVD mini-movie, I'm glad to see they are expanding it to more than just the movies.

Was Coulson's "lack of muscle memory" too subtle or subtle enough regarding his recovery?
Craig: Subtle enough, because it still leaves some mystery. For all we know, one could forget how to do things as a PTSD kind of thing.

Kate: Subtle enough. The lack of his muscle memory sparks my curiosity. Craig mentioned PTSD, this would be a very interesting plot twist.

Ellyssa: They're certainly making a point of it, as they are with the "It's a magical place" seemingly conditioned response but I'm not willing to place any bets on what it really means just yet, I'm hoping it's not the obvious but rather something more clever.

Jim: I agree with the majority, it seems just subtle enough to keep us remembering there is something there. But, as Ellyssa said, I hope it turns out to be something clever!

Are you looking forward to seeing Melinda back in the field on combat missions?
Craig: A million times yes! I love Ming-Na, and not having her in the field this week meant we didn't have nearly enough Melinda May action. Now that she's in the field on missions, we should be getting a lot more good stuff from her. I hope.

Kate: Heck yeah! She's a badass. A mysterious badass. I'm all in.

Ellyssa: For sure. May is an exciting character and it will be nice to see her doing what we always knew she was really on the team to do.

Jim: Absolutely, as Kate and Ellyssa both pointed out. She's a badass and it will be cool seeing her do what we know she was added to the team to do.

Do you think Skye is really committed to SHIELD now? 
Craig:I have to admit, the episode threw me for a loop for a moment there. Although it was all a part of her plan (it seemed), Skye still looks like she believed some of what Quinn was saying. It would almost be interesting to me if she WASN'T committed to S.H.I.E.L.D.. Either way, I think she's at least more committed than she was at the start of the episode. How's that for a non-answer?

Kate: Yeah, I do. After her whole orphan reveal, I think she's always been looking for a family to fit in with, now she's found one. I do, however, fear that when things don't go according to plan or she doesn't succeed, she'll use Rising Tide as a fall back. So, it's kind of a conditional commitment... for now.

Ellyssa: I don't think Skye is fully committed. I think she still feels a loyalty to her 'cause' and I'm sure she's fighting an internal battle between seeing the good S.H.I.E.L.D. is doing but at the same time she clearly has an issue with going against everything she's believed in until now.

Jim: I think Skye is more committed to Ward at the moment that she might be to SHIELD. She's clearly formed a bond with him and their banter about the truth serum was cute and clever. I'm guessing she will have to make a choice at some point once and for all.

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Coulson: And my card collection.

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