Blue Bloods Review: Not What It Seems

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In "The City That Never Sleeps," many characters were not what they first appeared to be, while the twists and turns that finally took us to the truth made for an interesting episode.

Danny's Discretion

Danny and the movie star. Danny had a shadow in film actor Russell Berke played by one of my favorite actors, Marc Blucas (Necessary Roughness, Buffy the Vampire Slayer). 

I had to laugh when the police dog "liked" Russell Berke. When a drug sniffing dog sits in front of you and barks, it's not because he's being friendly. I was really surprised that Erin, being a prosecutor didn't pick up on that. Then again, I guess she was far too enamored with the actor to notice much of anything else. 

Berke was handsome, charming, and certainly appeared to be the typical Hollywood womanizer. But apparently it was just another role that he played, and darn well if you consider how he had Linda, Erin and Nicky fawning all over him. 

The ladies reactions to having met the movie star were so comical that even Danny had sympathy for the guy in this Blue Bloods quote

Danny: If the guy wants any kind of privacy he's got to move around like a wanted man.
Erin: Well he is wanted. I want him. Linda wants him. Everybody I I know. | permalink

Little did they know what Russell Berke wanted wasn't them and he was risking his life to hide it. As Danny told him during the investigation to find an attacker targeting gay men, 

Danny: I don't give a damn if you like men or women or cream filled donuts. | permalink

It's sad to think that in this day and age, even Hollywood is prejudice if their stars don't fit into a preconceived mold and it pushed Danny to risk his own job to keep Berke's secret.

Frank and the Rank and File… Who else hoped that Frank would throw a barbecue for 35,000 police officers? Talk about a party. 

instead he showed his concern by making spot inspections. I loved Frank's reaction when he found the patrol cars hanging out near the docks…

Frank: Seems the rats and pigeons are safe and secure for the night. Move on. | permalink

I didn't expect the ending with the Lieutenant's ill wife. It was very sad and highlighted how something that appeared simple on the surface could be many times more complicated and more human than one would think.

The Midnight Shift….Jamie and Eddie took their turn working midnights. 

Jamie: I'm not saying working midnights is fun but I don't think you can call yourself a New York City cop until you've survived a few. | permalink

If naked yoga and open windows were their greatest concern, I'd opt for the midnights more often. 

I did worry when they left naked yoga man (now clothed) alone in the woman's apartment. Perhaps I watch too many crime shows but I couldn't help but imagine all of the horrible paths that scenario could take. 

But maybe there are times when a naked man and a woman with a glass of wine are exactly what they appear to be, at least that seems to be the case on this episode of Blue Bloods.

The City That Never Sleeps Review

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