Ravenswood Q&A: Merritt Patterson on Curses, OMG Moments and Spinoff Secrets

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We're just days away from Tuesday's premiere of Ravenswood.

And, starting with our Tyler Blackburn interview yesterday, we've got all the coverage you'll need for the highly anticipated Pretty Little Liars spinoff.

Blackburn's Caleb is the character crossing over from Rosewood, of course, but he won't be the only cursed resident of this new town. We were on the New Orleans set of the show earlier this month to check in with one of the new drama's new faces, Merritt Patterson, who portrays Olivia Matheson.

Olivia is a twin who - along with brother Brett Dier's Luke - has suffered the loss of her murdered father, an experience that has sent the once-popular prom queen into her current state of social outcast. She doesn't know who she can trust.

What about the mystical curse that is cast upon our group of teens in Tuesday's pilot? And what kind of relationship will Olivia have with Caleb, who clearly is going to be sticking around Ravenswood for awhile? Let's find out!

Ravenswood premieres Tuesday at 9pm after the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode.

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