Whoever questions this gets the same answer, death.


There is a very straight line from Dillon to Springer to you.

Caleb [to Collins]

Some things you text, some you tell.


He's a good boy who keeps his word. You don't get that everyday.


Have you ever been someplace where something historical happened and you get a chill?


The veil is thinner here. You've experienced it yourself.

Mrs. Grunwald [to Hanna]

Who can I sue in this town for making my boyfriend as crazy as a bag of cats?


The preacher said, “it’s not random, debts are owed.” Liv, think about it, we were supposed to die but we didn’t. And now the people we care about are disappearing one by one.


You can’t hurt me. I’m not in this alone, I’ve got back up.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that snake may have some warm blood in his veins.


Luke: It’s weird; my sister did it before me.
Remy: Well she is 4 minutes older…

Granted I don’t make a lot of friends with the living, but I try and give something to those they’ve lost. Dignity, we’re often robbed of it when we’re alive.


Ravenswood Quotes

I think you're supposed to start off with "Hello."


Ravenswood has to be the only town in the country without a website.