Arrow Round Table: "Keep Your Enemies Closer"

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This week, Arrow Season 2 Episode 6 dug deeper into the Arrow mythology as Oliver, Felicity and Diggle headed to Russia in search of Lyla with Isabel Rochev in tow. 

The Round Table team of staff writers Kate Brooks, Carla Day, Nick McHatton and Carissa Pavlica are joined by Hank Otero of Hank's Entertainment Site to discuss all of the exciting possibilities the episode opened up.

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The episode was filled with Arrow mythology and possibilities of what's to come. What was the most exciting to you?

Kate: There are MANY things I am looking forward to, one being more shirtless Stephen Amell! No, in all honestly, I'm looking forward to the addition of Barry Allen to continue expanding the DC Universe in Arrow. Another huge component I'm looking forward to is, sorry not sorry, but "Olicity" because I love their "tension" - the chemistry between Emily and Stephen is so much fun and rewarding as a viewer.

Carla: I don't know anything about the greater DC Universe mythology, so I'm excited about all of it. There's nothing that's been introduced that I don't want to be expanded upon. I'm looking forward to Barry Allen showing up. The League of Assassins and now H.I.V.E are both organizations that I want to know more about. All these references are just reminders of how expansive the Arrow world can be.

Hank: Like Carla, I'm also looking forward to Barry Allen's episodes and especially how the showrunners handle The Flash's powers in the Arrow-verse! So cool that H.I.V.E., (Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination) was brought into the mix. This season has completely surpassed the first one for me, the writers definitely understand what worked last year and what didn't. Well except for "The Count" returning next week LOL

Nick: The H.I.V.E. component is definitely the most interesting possibility for me, and I love that Deadshot is once again still lurking out there somewhere. Like the panel has said already, it's going to be interesting to see how Arrow is going to incorporate Barry Allen. The Roy possibilities are high on the list for me too since he and Quentin have an uneasy understanding now, and they are playing in the same arena: they're helping The Arrow without really knowing who he is.

Carissa: I must be the only person not looking forward to the introduction of Barry Allen. The Doogie Howser of scientific world has a lot to live up to. However, I am really looking forward to what H.I.V.E. might mean, and if it could speed up the entry of Slade as Deathstroke in Starling City. 

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Why do you think Oliver slept with Isabel and how will that change their dynamic going forward?

Kate: I think he IS lonely and completely emotionally unavailable and Isabel is the same way. I think it was just a matter of convenience. I think it will continue to be so. Or maybe it really is - what happens in Russia, stays in Russia.

Carla: They were lonely, available, and attractive. I don't think there will be any difficulties for them because they had sex, instead what will be important going forward is that they understand each other. They should be able to work together better and perhaps have a less contentious working relationship.

Hank: Because she's Summer Glau, 'nuff said haha. I think their relationship will improve but not because of them knockin' boots. She's on to him, Isabel knows Oliver is not what he seems. I loved that conversation between them where she says "why do you try so hard to make me think you're a lazy idiot?" If this Isabel Rochev is anything like her comic book counterpart, the real reason she's involved with Queen Consolidated will make everything clear. I think her aggressive move on Oliver (knowing he wouldn't resist her) is just a "chess move" on her part. She's very clever, he's a challenge.

Nick: They're both playing the same chess match. Isabel and Oliver both want to understand what the other is doing. Oliver wants her to figure what her interest is in the company, and why she's continually keeping tabs on her. Oliver's a good judge of character, and he knows when people are not what the seem. Isabel is much the same. She knows Oliver isn't who he says he is, and wants to figure it out. She might be in it for the money (she's in the book after all).

Carissa: Wow - you guys got all of that out of them sleeping together? I was pretty sure they did it just to annoy me. ME. And to make us love Felicity even more, and show how incredibly vulnerable she is despite her intelligence and inner strength. I hate what happened between Oliver and Isabel. In the comics, she was in love with Robert and wanted Oliver dead. Maybe she's playing him. Look out Ollie, look out!!!

Do you think Oliver's response to Felicity about not being with someone he cares about was sincere, and what might happen to change his opinion?

Kate: I do believe he was being sincere, he truly does care about Felicity and vise versa. I think what will change this is Oliver seeing Felicity with Barry Allen (Flash), will he like this? Will he become jealous or over-protective of her? I hope we see a change in him.

Carla: Oliver was telling the truth. It's the same thing that he told Laurel. Oliver doesn't have the capacity for a relationship right now. He has other priorities and love would just get in the way of that. His opinion will change when he falls in love with someone that he can't be without no matter what else is going on. That will be triggered by either meeting "the one" or when "the one" is nearly taken away from him.

Hank: I don't think Felicity has anything to worry about, as far as Isabel. Yes, I do think he meant it when he told Felicity... "It just kind of happened, it didn't mean anything." That seemed like an honest statement. I don't see Oliver falling for Isabel, though the Olicity chemistry is pretty sweet this season right? I confess, the idea of Oliver/Felicity together didn't work for me but mostly because he'll screw that relationship up at some point. I do think that Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards' chemistry is fantastic. That reminds me, no Laurel this episode... all the more reason to ship Olicity!

Nick: Oliver is undergoing a process of transformation, and he is sincere. He's no longer a playboy, and he's not interested in getting a new woman to sleep with every night. He'll be with someone when the time is right, but that time won't really happen completely until he's closer to being the Green Arrow.

Carissa: Unless they drastically move away from the basics of the comics, they'll never be together, so she was being tossed a bone, so to speak. I'd rather him just say up front that he doesn't see her that way or something, unless the writers are really willing to explore them as a couple with a future. How could they have not seen the amazing chemistry between those two when they auditioned? Oh.... the probably didn't audition together. Forehead slap!

Diggle was married! And he learned his brother was a target instead of collateral damage. What will he do next?

Kate: I love Diggle! Adding a former marriage made him lovable to me. I think he is going to work on finding out what his brother was involved in without the help of Oliver.

Carla: Diggle needs some lovin'! Lyla's a good match for him, especially now that they are both working in the same industry in a way. She's someone that he can count on to help him find out the truth about his brother. Diggle will move away from getting vengeance against Deadshot and try to find out more about H.I.V.E and why they put a hit on Andy.

Hank: Dig is refocusing his anger and energy from Deadshot to finding out more about H.I.V.E. I hope after realizing that Oliver, does, indeed have his back, Diggle will share this H.I.V.E. info with Ollie. He will probably keep it from Lyla, as he feels responsible for her risking her life going after Deadshot. Loved Amanda Waller's brief appearance this episode btw, can't wait to see more of her. As far as Diggle and Lyla being married, I'm totally cool with it - though it does feel a bit random. It's strange to me how Carly's been completely erased. Guess it's possible fans (or the writers) weren't cool with pairing Dig off with his dead brother's wife. I just hope this doesn't mean we'll never visit Big Belly Burger again.

Nick: Just as Deadshot walks away from Dig, Dig is doing the same. His main focus is going to be H.I.V.E., and since he and Ollie are becoming BFFs now that Tommy is gone Oliver will soon join his cause.

Carissa: Hey - He searched Bing for H.I.V.E. In his spare time he's going to be a man with a mission. Oh how I hope it leads to Slade. Imagine Deathstroke in his (lair??) getting an email notification that someone did a Bing search. And in Oliver's hometown, no less! Why wouldn't he want to go? Surely curiosity would get the better of him. I know. I'm being goofy this week. 

What did you think of the developments in the flashbacks between Oliver/Sara and Shado/Slade?

Kate: Sara is so bad! I love it and I really want her to be playing everyone. Shado/Slade, meh, I don't like Slade being personal and sweet. I like him being an ass. I want these four to be together and rule the Island! Muwahaha!

Carla: While it appeared that Sara turned on Oliver, I think it was actually the opposite. Dr. Ivo was probably going to either hurt or kill Oliver. Sara saved him by revealing his value to them. She gave them time. In a situation like that it's what they need. She also helped Oliver get in contact with Shado and Slade. Now, they know Oliver is still alive and he has confirmation that they are also.

Hank: Sara's actions were confusing at first but I agree with Carla, she bought them some time. Now Oliver knows that Shado and Slade are alive, though how close they're becoming might not sit well with him. Personally, I like Shado/Slade, the dude needs a little lovin' too Kate LOL. We've finally learned what happened to that half of Slade's face as well. I'm not sure what was worse, the burns or Shado sloppin' that guck all over them. Lookin' forward to Manu Bennett throwing on that Deathstroke mask! Seems like they're setting up an island confrontation that will turn Slade and Oliver against one another, we'll see.

Nick: As my niece says, "that not nice," when Sara uses Oliver to see if Shado and Slade are still alive. I understand she's doing what she needs to do to survive, and Carla's right on this one. They got some extra time alive, and that's all anyone can hope for on the island: extra time to survive.

Carissa: Everyone thinks that Sara bought "them" extra time, but she didn't know for sure that Ivo would buy her bit about Oliver being worth more alive than dead so she was really looking out for #1. And that's fine, but I have to call it like it is. Every man for himself. As for Shado and Slade, you know there had to be some trouble when Oliver got back to the Island. Slade is burned and Shado was snuggling up to heal him. Who knows how long it has been since he was near a woman? And Slade has the perfect face for his Deathstroke mask, now, which is very sad indeed.

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Felicity: Just thinking out loud, but are we sure this is the best plan we can come up with? I know Lyla's your friend, but...
Diggle: Felicity, Lyla isn't my friend. She was my wife.

Lance: Thanks. It's been a while since I arrested you. I had forgotten how good it feels.
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