Haven Review: Did She Have Good Aim?

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Things just got all kinds of messed up on Haven Season 4 Episode 8. As if they weren't already going off the rails, they made sure to take the train where the track had ended this week and from now on, it's anybody's guess as to what comes next.

Since Audrey came through the door, things haven't been right in Haven, but nobody has been able to pin down exactly what isn't right. Sure, everybody thinks Audrey is Lexie, and Wade killed Jordan, and Duke killed Wade and Vince and Dave discovered Jennifer is a native Havonian (I just made that up) - but other than that, they were at a loss.

A Threat From the Sea

Then poor Jack Driscoll and his brother were attacked by the same couple of rambling thugs from last week who seem to be spreading Troubles. This time around they gave a Trouble to a family who had never had one before - something Vince and Dave claimed could not be done. It was like a man having a baby, they claimed. Maybe Duke will be pregnant next week!

So everything was topsy turvy and a mess, and Duke wanted to be the selfish, brooding guy we met when we first entered Haven. He didn't even know how he became the go-to guy while Nathan and Audrey - who had promised to end the Troubles - were seemingly protecting only themselves. Our Duke has grown so deeply and convincingly he couldn't even fool himself into thinking he really felt that way.

But, honestly, it did start to seem that Audrey didn't care about helping the Troubled anymore. For the first time, Audrey and Nathan made love. Again, it was kind of anti-climactic. We only saw them the morning after, but they've been fooling around with the notion of being in love for so long that I just kind of took it for granted. There is an element missing to their love affair. They feel like old hat, when in fact they never had anything at all. It's odd how unemotional their scenes feel now, in comparison to the past.

Audrey kept up her farce of being Lexie, and thank God it seems to have ended by the end of this episode. The hair twirling and Valley-Girl speak was too much and not at all like the Lexie we met in the Bar(n). Additionally, when Duke, Nathan and Audrey went land-diving to try to stop the Trouble, both Duke and Nathan were were calling her Audrey when Jack Driscoll was listening in on their audio. She was going to be outed sooner rather than later.

Jennifer was being followed by horseshoe crabs with human eyes that were kind of cute, but apparently signified the harbinger of evil being set upon the town by her opening the door. Everyone figured that out just seconds before a shot was fired from Audrey's apartment. Did Audrey kill Nathan? I'm guessing yes. I'm also guessing he will not stay dead because this is Haven.

In the seconds before the shot rang out, Vince and Dave shared the info about true evil they discovered in Sebastian Cabot's journal relating in some way to Jennifer. Since she is the only one who has seen the horseshoe crab, is the cure going to be her death? And will her death only bring things back to the status quo, i.e., resetting Audrey and the Bar(n)? That's not a price I want to pay.

I loved the scenes with Duke and Jennifer, and the idea that it will be Duke paying the price by losing the woman he found to love hurts my heart. I want there to be a way for everyone to be saved, but when you look at the bodies that have piled up on Haven over the years, I know that's not possible. I used to think that some characters were safe, but maybe not anymore. 

I have no idea how Jennifer and Audrey are intertwined, but they are both acquainted with the same book, "Unstake My Heart." Remember the real Audrey Parker? She found it in an abandoned house (I'm guessing the same one in which Jennifer's parents lived, but I didn't go back to watch episodes from 2010 to find out) and it took her to the Barn. She was spit out and Duke found her and that's when she left Haven. Weird, right? If someone has watched those episodes more recently, please chime in! What is it's significance?

Nathan decided that the most loving thing they could possibly do was to stop the Troubles. Kissing ensued, as Audrey pointed a gun at Nathan's heart. Can you imagine? Of course, they didn't know that:

What was once your salvation is now your doom.


Talk about bad timing. It's ironic that Nathan was talking about using his death to stop the Troubles because someone was changing the rules toward them, but neither he nor Audrey thought about how the changes might have affected that being the answer. I can't help but wonder if they weren't acting on their love if they would have been able to see more clearly.

No matter how you look at it, their love ends in tragedy, because for them the act of being in love takes away from the time and resources they would otherwise be spending to find solutions to stop the Troubles or, at the very least, save Nathan's life. 

So here's a rundown of what we know:

  • Audrey and Nathan know Duke lost his Trouble
  • Jennifer was adopted from a family who lived in Haven, and in their abandoned house was a book both Audrey's had come in contact with before, "Unstake My Heart," that at one time contained the coordinates to the Bar(n)
  • Audrey and Nathan believe the only way to cure the Troubles is for Audrey to kill Nathan
  • Vince and Dave learn of a great period of darkness and evil brought about when someone opened a door that should have remained shut. Clues it was opened included horseshoe crabs with human eyes, which Jennifer sees
  • A gun was fired in Audrey's apartment

With the likelihood that Nathan is dead (for the time being), all hell is about to break loose on Haven, and both Audrey and Jennifer are going to be at the center of it. I hope they have enough friends to get them through whatever is heading their way.

Yes, I saw the previews, and all I'm going to say is: I have no idea what to say about that. This week was enough to process and I still don't know exactly what I'm processing. What are you processing? Where do you stand on all of this? Did Audrey kill Nathan? What will it mean?

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Haven Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Nathan: Well, it's like the old Phil Collins' song, you can't hurry love.
Vince: It's The Supremes.

Audrey: Why did we wait so long?
Nathan: Haven. It's not an easy place.