Elementary Review: Regrettable Actions

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After watching this installment of Elementary, I felt this huge wave of sadness, not only for Bell but for Sherlock. As a result of his actions, Holmes was being held accountable by the state of New York City.

In Elementary Season 2 Episode 10, all of Sherlock's breaking and entering and his contempt for abiding by the law finally came to heed. For the first time, Sherlock felt true guilt.

Sherlock Testifies

Throughout the hour, I knew that Bell had been shot and that the whole trial was to see if Sherlock was the cause of it. And it turned out to be true, as Holmes knew himself.

This episode was different, the stakes were raised and not just because of Marcus being shot but how they presented the timeline to viewers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the flashbacks and the narration of both Holmes and Watson as they took us through their investigation. Though there were comedic bits - like all of the open doors in NYC or the yelping puppy - it was very dramatic.

I was pulled into the scenes where we could see the sorrow and guilt that Sherlock felt as he silently thought to himself about what he had caused. It was intense and gripping. 

In Elementary Season 2 Episode 9, Joan mentioned that Sherlock had changed over the course of the past year and a half and obviously we all know she is right. Even if Holmes says he's been extending a courtesy to be kind, he truly has evolved. The internal battle he was facing during the progression of this episode showed beyond a doubt he has grown.

Even Bell had a huge dramatic twist: he felt a complete disdain towards Sherlock. Rightfully so. Marcus put his life on the line because Holmes' ego finally drove someone over the edge.

Surprisingly, it's taken this long for someone to say enough is enough and take it into their own hands.

Though Sherlock apologized to Bell, all was not right between them two. It seems that this wound, pun not intended, will take awhile to heal. During Elementary Season 1 Sherlock betrayed Gregson's trust and now he nearly got Bell killed.

It's a vicious cycle of regrettable actions but it makes for damn good TV.

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Once Watson and I mixed up the cries of small puppies for the cries of a baby.


Sherlock: Most of those doors were open…
Walker: In New York City? The front doors were open.
Sherlock: I was surprised as well.