Orange is the New Black Review: One Sentence, Two Prisoners

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Of course, another great installment, and on Orange is the New Black Season 1 Episode 8 we get to see some different sides of characters that were previously hidden.

A slow reveal is really appreciated in circumstances like this, where everyone is within tight quarters and options to change are limited.

Polly gives birth

Red's story is becoming a lot more interesting the more that we learn. She's really a bad person. Not just circumstantially bad, but BAD. She suggested to her Russian mob friends it would be a good idea to sell drugs at schools and hospitals where the market would always be open as a way to keep their business afloat. No wonder she was so worried about Nicky getting clean and Tricia using.

When she came to the prison, it appeared that those friends were Neptune Produce, because the look on her face was one of familiarity and a bit of fear. Now that she's ruined her relationship with Nicky, Pornstache is going to use the same outfit to get his drugs back into Litchfield. For all the "good" she did trying to erase her sins on the outside by keeping girls clean on the inside, he's going to crush it. I can't wait to see how that plays out.

Larry's article was published and Healy used it as his first indication of being angry with Piper when he tossed it in the trash and poured his coffee over it. If we wondered whether she might have made an enemy of him in Orange Is The New Black Season 1 Episode 7, the answer is yes. 

Seeing Piper and Alex find their way back to each other was interesting, and made possible by a combination of a broken dryer, the flu overtaking the prison, the vindictive nature of Pennsatucky and Larry's inability to understand Piper and what she's going through in Litchfield. Even though I know Alex named Piper, I still want them to make peace with each other. As hard is it is for Piper to take, Alex's naming of her isn't what got her into prison.

Larry and his whining is becoming more difficult to take. Knowing that he'll remain with the series into season two is kind of depressing. From what I understand the idea is to focus less on Piper and more on the other inmates to make for a broader viewing experience, so I can only hope his contribution to the series is as small as humanly possible. He's miserable. For a guy who made his career off of comedy, Jason Biggs provides no humor here.

The pregnancy theme was rampant during this hour, with Polly giving birth to her baby, Maria giving birth the same day (her contractions had to be one minute apart before she could go to the hospital), Piper remembering her close call with pregnancy before she was incarcerated and learning Daya is likely pregnant with Bennett's baby.

If Caputo wondered how Tricia was just going cold turkey ten months after being inside if drugs weren't coming into the prison, imagine how surprised he'll be to learn Daya had an immaculate conception. That's going to be a really difficult one for everyone to explain. I say everyone because it seems like the mistake of one is always paid for by the masses. 

We don't know Maria's story, or how long she's in. That's one story that I would like to explore. It's something we'll never get to by watching shows and movies about men in prison, as it's uniquely a woman's story. If Daya is pregnant and the timing is rushed a bit, we may get to go through it with someone we've come to know. It will only be really effective if Bennett gets canned and isn't at the prison to give her updates on their baby every day.

The title of Larry's article was "One Sentence, Two Prisoners." It fits the story of a mother giving birth in prison much more than his lame ass situation. He has no clue what these women truly go through, let alone the woman he claims to love.

One final thought. It was funny that Piper was upset she was inside and not able to celebrate the success of Larry's article -- an article he wouldn't have written if she wasn't in prison in the first place. Instead he would still be practicing "edging" and trying to get that one to fly. He keeps trying to call himself a writer, but his best article came at the price of Piper's incarceration. Well done.

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