Lost Girl Review: Bo Who?

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Where's Bo? Or perhaps a better question is: Who is Bo?

In Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 1, Bo's been wiped from everyone's memories, which created an odd hour of an alternative reality.

Instead of a love triangle between Bo, Lauren and Dyson, there's one between Kenzi, Dyson and Hale. What a strange world without Bo. Plus, Vex is the Morrigan! 

Lost Girl Season 4 Premiere

I didn't really like or dislike this episode. It didn't move the story forward much at all, though I guess we'll have to wait until the next episode to know how much of the alternative reality actually sticks. As much as I love Kenzi, she's not dominant enough a force to carry the show. Potentially she could be, but not as she was reflected in this hour.

Last season, I loved the friendship and banter between Kenzi and Dyson and here they demonstrated a chemistry that could go beyond that. Though, I still think Hale's a better fit for her, even if he can't dance nearly well enough for her. Props to Ksenia Solo for the brilliant and beautiful dance moves. I'm glad the show found a way to showcase her dancing.

Even if Bo returns, Kenzi has issues well beyond the two men. She made a deal to become Fae and it didn't turn out at all like she expected. Duh! If she doesn't come up with the money, she's going to have huge problem and one that may not be fixed easily.

In addition to Bo's absence, both Tamsin and Lauren were missing for the most part. With Lauren's returning memory, she will likely return to the fold. It's unclear whether or not she'll be welcome though after what happened at Taft's lab. Perhaps the returned memories will work in her favor.

"Hi, Daddy." Wow. The two separate tones that simple phrase was said spoke volumes. Will Trick and his daughter be able to heal their relationship? The returned memory of Bo heightened her mother's anger. Can Bo temper the fight?

This hour felt inconsequential. I hope Bo's back next week and we find out where she's been and why she stayed away. I'd also like some answers about Taft's lab and what happened to it. Overall this was a disappointing premiere given the larger scope of the series, but it did have a few moments that made the episode work.

Should Kenzi have hooked up with Dyson or Hale?

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