New Girl: Watch Season 3 Episode 11 Online

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It's safe to say that New Girl Season 3 Episode 11 was unlike any other installment in this sitcom's history.

The installment mostly took place in a bar. It flashed back on numerous occasions. And it centers in Jess only have a set amount of time to contemplate her professional future.

It was a tad odd, but, hey, there was a Boogie Nights reference and a story about Winston in Latvia and there was some seriously off-the-wall stuff that reminded us of New Girl Season 2.

Still, it was a gimmick. And Season 3 has relied a lot on those.

Did this one succeed? Watch New Girl online and decide for yourself:

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New Girl Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

She's looking for career advice, and your job could be done by a vending machine.


When I think of teachers, I think of two things--Jessica Day, and pornography...where one of the characters is...a teacher.