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-Jess is offered a new job at a museum where she has been volunteering--and has only 20 minutes to decide whether to take it.

-To help her make her decision, she asks the rest of the gang to explain how they they decided on their respective careers.

-After reflecting on his life in both basketball and radio, Winston realizes he has made very few life decisions for himself.

-Schmidt reminisces about how his desire for a woman he met while volunteering at a hospital convinced him to stop being selfless, and get on his current career track.

-Nick reveals that he has actually passed the bar exam--he simply prefers to work as a bartender.

-Cece ponders a possible career change, and looks into becoming a bartender.

-Jess decides to stay at her current job, even though her school is over-crowded and many of her co-workers are uninspired about the job.

-She sets her sights on being promoted to principal, and replacing her incompetent boss.

-Winston quits his job.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

She's looking for career advice, and your job could be done by a vending machine.


When I think of teachers, I think of two things--Jessica Day, and pornography...where one of the characters is...a teacher.