Revolution Review: Patriot Rising

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On Revolution Season 2 Episode 12, the Patriots showed they’re not quite as bumbling as we’ve been led to believe.

It’s about time someone in DC has taken notice of all the completely obvious times Julia and Tom have met. Sitting on the same bench with their backs to each other wasn’t exactly going to keep the questions to a minimum.

In the end, Julia and Tom’s decision after the flashback to use their smarts to survive was a good one.

But they weren’t the smartest in the room. They grew too complacent by assuming they were.

This post-Monroe Republic is sometimes eerily similar to what happened after the blackout. There’s a power vacuum with people all gunning for power, while Julia and Tom are trying to just keep their family alive and together. Until they figure out how to overcome this newest obstacle, they’re going to starve again.

While it’s doubtful this is the final appearance of the Neville family, there was a certain finality as Tom and Julia were dragged out of the room. They failed to rescue their son and they failed to follow through on their plans. It’s the end of their secret trysts and conspiracies... and it could spell the end for their marriage.

The Typhus outbreak being engineered by the Patriots was not a surprise with all of the chemical oranges laying about. Rachel’s theory of the Patriots using the Typhus as a way to weed out the undesirable people fits their image; although only handing out oranges to the people they want when everyone could use food is a bit of stretch.

Again, those smaller moments of fun and intrigue in the plot were being mired down in aspects that are just not working for the show. The nanites are sending Aaron and Priscilla to another town by sending a message to them not to go in the other direction. The nanites are incredibly boring; they only end up dragging the series down.

Monroe, as much fun as he is, is creeping back towards this path that led him so poorly before. His desire to give something to his son that that can benefit him and keep the family name alive is understandable, but the need to restore something that causes so much pain is a little below Monroe’s current story arc.

A man who is once on a road to redemption is falling into old habits.

Are Revolution's recent plot decisions dragging the show down?

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Revolution Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Gene: How did you know I was here?
Charlie: Because you’re exactly like Mom! Neither of you will listen!

This poker face is my face.