Revolution: Watch Season 2 Episode 10 Online

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Revolution returned from its winter hiatus with Charlie and Gene on a search for Aaron.

Elsewhere, Miles, Monroe and Rachel head to Mexico, while other locations that played a key role during Revolution Season 2 Episode 10 included the White House and Oklahoma.

We were treated to a glimpse at Monroe’s ideas of the future with Connor as well, with it clear that he wants the two of them to take the reigns of the Monroe Republic together.

But what are the man's motives? Can he be trusted when it comes to his son? And is Tom the most gigantic fool on the planet when it comes to Julia? Does she actually love him?

These are just some of the questions now on our minds. Watch Revolution online to view the latest installment in full:

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Revolution Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Well, congratulations, you've made to Mexico now go enjoy the Mexican Dream.


You brought my kid down here Miles? This is nice. What’d you do, buy him a handjob and an eight ball?