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We met Frank's long lost daughter, Sammi, on Shameless Season 4 episode 3.

Did Frank go right up and politely introduce himself to his oldest child? Not exactly. He bribed a middle school student to punch his grandkid in the face so Frank could come across like a protective stranger.

Makes perfect sense, right? To Frank Gallagher it did.

Sammi, of course, fell for it all, even offering Frank her liver because they're the same blood type. Naturally, she isn't aware of the reason behind that.

Elsewhere, we watched Lip struggle at school, while Mike got drunk and Fiona could be headed down a bad path.

In what way? Watch Shameless online here for some answers:

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Shameless Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Sheila: Now what?
Debbie: Ask him if he’s DTF.
Sheila: DTF. What does that even mean?

Just when I think I’ve peeled the onion on Frank, bam another layer.