Supernatural Midseason Premiere Pics: Separating Sam

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Great news, Supernatural Fanatics: the series makes its long-awaited return next Wednesday night.

This might not be such great news for Sam, however.

In just-released photos from Supernatural Season Episode 10, we see this Winchester brother in a lot of pain, some inflicted by Crowley, who is brought in to help separate Sam from Gadreel.

Will they he be successful? What sort of problems will arise from this endeavor? We can't wait to find out.

Click through pictures now from "Road Trip" and watch Supernatural online to catch up prior to the January 14th return:

Pain for Sam
Castiel and Crowley
Off on a Road Trip
Road Trip Scene
Dean and Castiel Pic
Listening to Dean
Crowley to the Rescue?
Supernatural Quartet
Close Up of Crowley
Pointing His Finger
Trying to Help Sam
Taking a Road Trip

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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

If it makes you feel better, I have Sam locked away in a dream. As far as he knows, the two of you are working a case right now. Something with ghouls and cheerleaders.


If I’m Plan A, I’m sure you have a totally viable, much better Plan B.