Supernatural Round Table: "Road Trip"

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Welcome back to the Supernatural Round Table!

Like the show itself, we took a few weeks off, but have now returned: refreshed, rejuvenated and excited to breakdown Supernatural Season 9 Episode 10.

So pull up a chair along with TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica and Sean McKenna, who are joined by Alice of Winchester Family Business, and let's do this!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Carissa: Crowley in Sam's head, being true and telling him to fight. The complexity of Crowley as a bad guy is so well done because he has a fondness for the Winchesters, and even Castiel, that he can't deny. The grey areas on Supernatural are what makes it so special, and that scene was one of the best.

Alice: Ooh, that’s tough there were so many.  I’ll go with the brotherly talk at the end though. First, it was framed so nicely. Nighttime, out in the rain at the pier, the Impala parked nearby, their angel friend sympathetically watching close by. It was the perfect setting in my mind. The chat itself though was open, honest, and didn’t involve any tempers flaring. Just heartbreak over the whole thing. It was emotionally devastating to me, especially when Sam told Dean to go. Dean needs to find out for himself what Sam meant by, “But don’t go thinking that’s the problem because it’s not.”

Sean: An angel, a demon and a hunter get into a car... Bad joke or perfect combo? It's kind of short and goofy, but I enjoyed watching Dean, Castiel and Crowley head off to the gasless "pimp" mobile. Not only was it fun seeing them all together, but I loved the interaction about where they were going to sit in the vehicle. There was some great chemistry between the three, and it was a nice to see this group of "three amigos" working together.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Do you feel sorry for Gadreel?
Carissa: I'd like to get to know him better. I'd like for him to be the person to take down Metatron. He needs to realize who Metatron is and weigh his original sin against what he's trying to do with Metatron and then fly right. Hopefully Dean, Sam and Cas will help him.

Alice: I do, and watching these stories of the tragic figure is always so hard to digest.  You know this angel is being setup for a fall and in a way I wish he could find redemption. But he is painted as a weak character and that never bodes well for anyone in this show. I’m still crossing my fingers he’s the one that takes out Metatron and saves the angels from themselves. But that’s probably stretching things. He seems like someone who’s going to meet a brutal end. 

Sean: I feel sorry for him in that he made a mistake and was pretty much punished for eternity for it. No redemption or second chance. At the same time, Metatron isn't out to be nice or help him. Unfortunately, he is continuing down a bad path and I'm ready for Dean and Sam to take him out. That said, it would be great if he finds redemption, defeats Metatron and restores Heaven, even if it means his unfortunate end.

Are you surprised Crowley helped save Sam without any backstabbing or trickery?
Carissa: Not at all. There's something about him that has always been straight. When he gives his word, he usually keeps it. When he doesn't, he's usually given himself an out with verbal trickery. Love that guy.

Alice: Not at all. We’ve known for a long time that Crowley has had a soft spot for his moose and the Winchesters in general. Heck, he even showed sadness over Kevin dying. The events in “Sacrifice” really created a bond though. I think part of the reason he helped Sam was he was keeping up his end of the bargain. Crowley has always held up his end of the deal, and he knew Dean would keep his word. But the way he got through to Sam, he really knew what would get through. It was touching and inspiring to watch. I feel like our evil King of Hell has really grown!

Sean: Crowley is such a fantastic character and I can only assume he's playing the long con. Sure, he's got a soft spot for the Winchesters, but I wouldn't say they are buddy, buddy. And while he has changed some since Supernatural Season 8 Episode 23, I still think that he'd be willing to take out the Winchesters if it helped boost his position. At this point, having Sam and Dean around to help take out Abaddon and even the angels seems perfect for him. He's such a mastermind behind all that wit and charm.

Who would you want in charge of hell: Crowley or Abaddon?
Carissa: Crowley. He's more honest. He knew that girl was playing both sides and wouldn't have killed her because he understands the game to stay alive and how to make and keep allies. Plus, I've never liked Abaddon and would really like her to just be gone. I liked her head better when it wasn't attached to her body.

Alice: Crowley of course. I really liked Abaddon at first, but she’s been written so one dimensionally. She’s exactly what Crowley said, nothing more than a very angry ginger. On a side note, I’ve always found it strange that in this show one of the most moral characters is actually the King of Hell. He’s certainly more trustworthy than a lot of the angels out there. Ah, Supernatural and it’s grey areas.

Sean: I feel like Abaddon has barely been around, and despite Crowley locked up, she hasn't really been able to garner any control or progress. Sure, she's a fiery ginger, but at this point, I can't see her doing a good job as Queen of Hell. Looks like my vote is also for Crowley, but I do hope that perhaps Abaddon provides some actual worthy confrontation for him rather than just posturing. I want to see her make a bigger stamp on this show. That said, Crowley's proved how far he has come, plus, he just can't help but be entertainingly funny.

Do you agree with Dean's decision to leave at the end and take on Gadreel by himself?
Carissa: Yes. Sam isn't in the right head space right now to take on that kind of task and he's still not physically well, either. Plus, did you see those previews? Next week Dean and Crowley are going to kick ass. I can't wait!

Alice: Yes, because that’s the best way for him to find out the truth about himself. He made a terrible mistake with Sam, but turning his self loathing into an excuse to strike out on his own isn’t going to work either. He needs to find that he can’t carry these burdens by himself. It’s not all on him. Lucky for Dean, it looks like Crowley is going to get involved whether he likes it or not. That should be interesting! Who knows, perhaps it’ll teach him a thing or two about letting things go.  

Sean: It's tough because on the one hand, Sam needs to recuperate and having him along in his weakened state could be more problematic than beneficial. So with that respect, it makes sense for Sam to stay back for now. But I can't help but sometimes be driven nuts by the "I must work alone" statement, especially after finally getting the brothers back together sans possession. I felt the emotions and the heartbreak, especially with Dean taking on the burden, but sometimes I wish that after everything they've been through, the two would realize working together is what they need to do.

Hopefully, Dean figures that out soon. I guess I just really enjoy when the brothers do get to work together on the same page without something between them hanging over their heads.

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