Being Human Review: A Pack Party

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It was disappointing to learn on Being Human Season 4 Episode 5 that it was so easy for Kat to walk away from Aidan after learning he was a vampire.

He told her the truth, showed her his black eyes and she was scared to death. End of story. He toyed with the idea of compelling her to be with him, but he never went through with it. Turns out, boys and girls, that real life ain't nothin' like Twilight. Damn.

Who saw that coming?

So... Kenny took Aidan off to get drunk or do what sad vamps do and in the meantime, Josh and Nora visited their new pals Andrew and Caroline. There they met Mark and Wendy, who were turned on the same camping trip. It turns out they've been tracking as many like souls as they can and have found quite a few. Nora and Josh are surprised, but that doesn't stop Nora from deciding to throw Caroline a baby shower.

They've no sooner planned the big day than Josh's sister Emily shows up, clean and sober. On a day when the house will be full of champagne. She seems cool with it, but you had to wonder just how many parties she had been to since she'd been out of rehab to test herself.

Since nothing ever goes quite as planned, Andrew decided Josh's place would be the perfect location for a pack meeting. They'd been weighing the options of joining, so they thought -- hey, let's use their house to bring in a bunch of werewolves we don't know so we don't disturb the baby, or something along those lines. Pretty rude, really.

The alcohol was flying, Emily was beyond tempted and witchy Sally was aching to make her feel better. Her brilliant idea to use spells on everybody even though she has absolutely no idea what she's doing is getting old. Much older than Aidan's lifespan. Amazingly -- her spell backfired! 

Sally's spell for Emily to see and hear her so she could help instead let her see Kenny for all that he was because, oh yeah, the vampires showed up to a werewolf party:

It's a werewolf dance party!


It's time for some tough love on Sally's ass before she Sallys something up so badly that it can't be salvaged. If Emily didn't know already that werewolves and vampires existed, she might have been driven to drink again, which was the exact opposite of what Sally intended.

When Emily saw Kenny, the wolves thought he meant to hurt her and all hell broke loose. Lucky nobody went crazy, most notably Josh was able to contain his spontaneous changing. Did anyone even notice how well he held it together? I don't even know if he did in all the commotion.

It all came down to the wolves feeling safer in a pack. If Josh and Nora want to keep their new friends, they have to learn to live like them. They feel they've been wolves longer and probably have things to show them, so they've decided to give it a go. They've joined a pack. 

We even have our own Romeo and Juliet tale on our hands. The wolf Kenny was getting a drink for when someone mistakenly thought he was ready to gulp on Emily -- named Astrid -- started dating. Might they be the two beings that finally put an end to all of the infighting? Have a vampire and a wolf ever dated before?

It was a relatively tame episode, but entertaining nonetheless. I'm disappointed in Sally and her hands continually in the honey pot and sad that Kat cut and ran so quickly. There's bound to be more to all of these stories, however, because this is Being Human!

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Do you think it's time for Sally to stop using magic?

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