Being Human Review: Nothing's Permanent

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Oh Aidan, you are centuries old and your swagger still gets you into trouble!

As we witnessed on Being Human Season 4 Episode 7, this fella really underestimated his Suzanna. He was so obviously in trouble when he walked gingerly into her room I could practically smell the fresh blood on him myself. 

Aidan's anger at being accused of eating humans when there is clearly a healthy way to go without didn't go over well. The way Suzanna plays it, vampires only need the bare minimum of blood to survive, look fabulous and stay healthy. They're more like alcoholics than monsters.

Well, except Aidan. What was he trying to prove by bragging about his killings? Nothing could prepare him for what Suzanna was going to share. Only his restraint kept him from doing the unimaginable.

Josh and Nora, just moments after their mind-bending marital argument about infidelity, were tasked with watching over Robbie while Sally tried to find a way to resurrect him.

On one hand, it was admirable that she was so concerned about his death and wanted to bring him back to life and on the other, I kind of wished that she had spent the time she had with him actually being with him, you know?

Donna offered up her soul save his life, but since we didn't see Robbie again after the two of them spoke, I was left wondering whether or not she did something to him that either drove him away or if she stole his soul for her own use. Can you blame me? Even when she's pretended to be cool in the past, things haven't quite worked out that way.

At least we can believe that the idea of being a ghost was exciting enough to send him out adventuring. After all, it does run in the family. He'll be back.

But Donna? She's sealed off at her own request. Hanging forever on her tree. After learning her history, it was kind of hard for Sally to deny her what she wanted in the end, to give her some sort of peace even if it meant she'd be banished from this plane of existence forever.

Josh and Nora didn't end up faring very well, did they. For a minute there, I was hopeful that Josh's amorous ways would win Nora over and maybe we'd have another little werewolf baby again. Not so lucky in that department.

It seems hormones are another trigger for Josh's wolf to appear and Nora's scared to death of him. So scared she walked out. In the span of two episodes they went from thinking about moving out on their own to Nora leaving. 

Will Sally's dad want to unload the house even more now that Robbie died in it or will Josh and Aidan dispose of the body so it seems like he just disappeared on a trip again? If he's not around to sell it, that should be the end of that story.

When you want to remember happier times, you can watch Being Human online. You'll need to get a dose of some funny!

Will Josh and Nora work things out?

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Being Human Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Robbie: Any particular reason these two can see me?
Nora: We're werewolves.

Sally: I can't. I've just already hurt too many people. I couldn't sacrifice some random soul, even for Robbie.
Donna: That is the first sensible thing you have said since I ate you.