Michael J. Fox Books Return to The Good Wife

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NBC's loss is CBS' gain.

Within a day of The Michael J. Fox show being canceled, word has come out that the titular star has already booked  a new gig... at his old stomping grounds.

Sources confirm that Fox will appear on multiple episodes of The Good Wife Season 5 this spring, reprising the role of Alicia's frenemy in court, Louis Canning.

Taking on Canning

It's unclear at the moment just how Canning fill re-enter the fold. But might Peter need some legal help with his election rigging woes?

Ponder the possibilities and watch The Good Wife online right here and now if you need to catch up on this outstanding drama.

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Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: Hey. You promise me that you will never put me through the same thing again.
Peter: Alicia, I promise.
Alicia: Then, yes, I would love to renew our vows.
Peter: Let's do it then.

I've defended enough people to know how shallow those words are. I don't care what you believe. I care what you can prove.