Pretty Little Liars: Watch Season 4 Episode 20 Online

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Spencer's drug problem reached a climax on Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 20.

All of her friends and her family found out about her abuse of amphetamines and it seriously damaged her credibility when it came to accusations over Ezra.

However, Spencer, Emily and Hanna still attempted to prove once and for all that Ezra is A.

Breaking News to Aria

They set a little trap for him, but were thwarted when another girl in a blonde wig arrives to pick up the fake package for Alison. Who could it have been?

While her friends fail to find any evidence against Ezra, Aria investigated Ezra's cabin. She didn't find his A lair in the basement, but she did find a manuscript about his relationship with Alison.

What kind of totally crazy chase and confrontation ensued? Watch Pretty Little Liars online now to find out:

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Emily: Did you have an accident?
Spencer: What? No!
Hanna: Well, are you going to? What is up with those shower shoes?

You know Spencer, she's a total stress case. A garbanzo bean in the wrong salad bin is enough to make her wig out.