Being Human Review: There's No Place Like Home

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All that was missing were the ruby slippers and the clicking of the heels.

On Being Human Season 4 Episode 9, Sally continued to see how devastating her decision to inhabit her body and change the course of history was; not only for her but for those she loved.

Stepping in for Glinda was Donna, who wasn't so bad the second time around.

While the majority of what happened as a result of Sally's impulsive attempt to change her future turned out to be far less than she expected, there was quite a bit that went well the second time around.

Sally acted upon the love she felt for Aidan, something she had been hiding a lot longer than she cared to admit. In the past, the timing was all wrong because it came about before the friendship between Sally, Aidan and Josh was cemented leaving Josh alone and without hope.

Josh didn't infect the woman he loved, but he also never grew to love her as he once did. When Sally later inhabited his body to drive him to do what she wanted, she left residual memories of the world she remembered behind and he came to understand all that was lost to him. It was a double edged sword that both gave him hope and left him bereft at what he had lost (or never experienced).

Sally became a werewolf and got caught in the fight between the vampires and the werewolves, a casualty that drove Aidan to kill Josh's maker depriving him of the opportunity of a cure and driving a wedge between them that became nearly impossible to mend.

Sally's knowledge of the future, however, gave her particular insight into events that helped put those she loved back onto a path of redemption. When word of the vampire killing virus reached her, she knew Josh held a vaccine that could help free Aidan from the clutches of Bishop under whom he once again found himself but even more indebted than in their first life together.

By helping Aidan, Sally could help Nora who had married an abusive Dr. Reed, the man she was dating when she should have fallen in love with Josh. Aidan's hold over her was to supply blood to keep Bishop happy so he could remain in Bishop's good graces.

For so many actions, there were dubious consequences. I appreciate what Being Human has done with this revisit to give viewers another way to look at what could have been and to feed out own curiosity and what-ifs about our own lives. Going back for a redo has never looked as unappealing as it does now.

Donna's recent atonement made more sense in light of Sally's calling out to her, explanation of their connection and receiving her help. Without that change, would Donna have been as compliant, even in a past version of future events? It seems as unlikely as my asking the question. 

The bungee affect, what Josh stood to lose (and more importantly what he might gain) and the memory of the love that Aidan would surely forget were all considerations, but none greater than getting back the friends Sally loved so much and that she convincingly assured them they were in her future.

The effect was grand, watching all of the Sallys witness everything as it happened, most chillingly as Aidan killed Josh, before Sally settled back into her ghostly form in its rightful place between Aidan and Josh as they were watching Robbie's body being wheeled away. Say you remember Sally pleaded with Aidan, but not quite yet.

With the series winding to a close what are your wishes? Do you want Aidan and Sally to find love or for Aidan to be with someone in a corporeal body to share a more human, loving experience? Will Josh and Nora mend their broken love? Will Josh tame his beast? 

Don't let this be the last time you think about this installment or any others. Why let two episodes remind you of the magic it took almost four years to attain? Take some time and watch Being Human online

Hit the comments people -- we're running out of time to talk about this remarkable series and all the joy it's given us. 

Would you ever go back to do it again if given the chance?

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