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Sallie is still stuck in the past as she tries to magically contact an old enemy for help.

Aidan is cradling Sally's body, her ghost is beside them.

When Aidan learns she doesn't get a door, he's very upset.

The police arrive and it's Bishop.

Ray and Josh are on the run and Aidan and Bishop come up behind them. Sally appears, pleading with Aidan not to go backward and become what Bishop is. Aidan crushes Ray's skull and Sally calls him a monster. Aidan tells Josh if he ever sees him again he will kill him.

One year later and Aidan is back on board with Bishop stealing from the hospital. Nora spots him giving a shipment to Bishop. They're discussing the virus.

Josh is working at Life of Pie and ghost Sally is hanging out with him, trying to determine if she can somehow find Donna so she can fling her to whereever she's supposed to be so they can all be together again.

Aidan walks up on Nora and says they had a very simple agreement, to turn a blind eye to what each other has done. She's been supplying the blood for Aidan, but it's becoming more difficult. Aidan threatens her.

Aidan is a lackey for Bishop rather than a partner of his. When he comes up short Bishop threatens to cut him loose.

Josh and Sally enlist the help of Alana to find Donna. Sally possesses Josh to try to get Alana to do what she wants, but Alana sees through it and when she leaves Josh tells her off.

Aidan steals all of Bishop's blood and sells it on the streets.

Aidan and Josh have a fight over his theft and instead of taking out his displeasure on Aidan, Bishop takes it out on one of his other minions by carving his fangs out.

As Josh and Sally are arguing over his happiness, he has one of her memories courtesy of her possession. Moments later a virus infected vampire walks through the door and attempts to feed on him. Josh stakes her.

When Sally realizes the virus has taken hold, she also remembers she has the cure.

Josh visits Nora and she's not doing well. She wonders how he can be friends with a vampire. She's getting divorced from Dr. Reed and Josh has a flash of Sally's memory of him marrying Nora.

Aidan gives tainted blood to Bishop and joins him in drinking because he has already taken the cure from Josh.

Josh and Sally think Aidan will come with them after he rids himself of Bishop but he wants everything he worked 228 years for so he can be king of the hill.

Aidan goes to see Bishop and he's black and rotting. Aidan tries to play innocent with Bishop, but Bishop knows that he was killed by his son.

Guilt at what he did to Bishop and memories of his friends start to plague Aidan.

Aidan goes to Life of Pie to attempt an apology and Donna finds Sally and pulls her in.

Donna discovers she's linked and agrees to help.

Sally asks Josh and Aidan if they are interested in resetting their lives tells Josh he has the most to lose. He also thinks he has the most to gain because he has seen himself with Nora.

Donna said shooting them into the future will be like a bungee jump and they'll overshoot for a bit before landing where they're supposed to be.

Aidan wants Sally to remind her of what they had and she admits that she has loved him for a while now but just didn't know. He insists that she make him remember.

As Donna starts with the spell, there are so many Sallys around and they all shoot through time together, witnessing Aidan killing Josh, and then she settles in when Robbie's body is being taken away.

Aidan doesn't remember and Josh wonders where she went. The past and then the future, she tells him. It felt really close.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

What? Now you need me? Like the chick you like to bang and never take to the prom?


I guess I was meant to die with my head bashed in.