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On Bones Season 9 Episode 17 a new intern from Cuba is forced upon Brennan at the Jeffersonian and as she reluctantly lets him in, she discovers he has a lot more to offer than knowledge about forensic science.

Brennan and Booth circle the wagons around taking Christine to church once again, and Brennan compares Jesus to Superman. Booth arms himself with information from Sweets to do battle on behalf of church.

Fuentes makes an impression on the ladies, but Hodgins is easily won over as well and makes his new friend a dish he may be missing from his home country.

Discover what is so engaging about Rudolfo Fuentes when you watch Bones online. You don't want to miss the introduction of this new intern!

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Bones Season 9 Episode 17 Quotes

Brennan: If you disappoint me, I will dismiss you.
Fuentes: How Cuban of you. She is fiery.
Cam: Yes. Be careful. We've all been burned.

Booth: OK. You're saying that Jesus and Superman are the same?
Brennan: Jesus walks on water. Superman flies. No different.