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A Cuban anthropologist, Rodolfo Fuentes, joins the Jeffersonian as an intern.

Booth and Brennan discuss whether their daughter should have a religious upbringing. 

When a body is found in a septic tank, Brennan decides it's necessary to bring the entire tank to the Jeffersonian so as not to contaminate the evidence.

Brennan unhappy that Fuentes is so confident in his knowledge and tries to teach him lessons that he's not so willing to take from her.

The victim spent time in prison, so his tattoo was a giveaway.

Only when Fuentes leaves out one piece of evidence while cataloging does Brennan melt a bit, making one wonder if he left it out intentionally.

The banter between Fuentes and Brennan becomes increasingly amusing.

Booth tosses out information to Brennan about going to church and how it lowers stress, blood pressure and increases your immune system. She counters with a high percentage of holy water containing water, giving Booth much to shake his head at.

Airbags started being put in cars in 1994. Interesting!

Fuentes gives Bennan the information she needs to consider sending Christine to church.

Fuentes helps Brennan solve the case and everyone makes friends.

Hodgins cooks Fuentes a Cuban dish to make him feel welcome.

Brennan tells Booth she wants to send Christine to church and compromise by taking her to the natural history museum right after every Sunday.

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Bones Season 9 Episode 17 Quotes

Brennan: If you disappoint me, I will dismiss you.
Fuentes: How Cuban of you. She is fiery.
Cam: Yes. Be careful. We've all been burned.

Booth: OK. You're saying that Jesus and Superman are the same?
Brennan: Jesus walks on water. Superman flies. No different.