Castle Round Table: "The Greater Good"

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It was a case where a misguided attempt to find "The Greater Good" led to someone getting shot in the chest.

But Castle Season 6 Episode 19 had enough twists and turns to be worthy of a roller coaster ride that would even keep Castle happy.

Our TV Fanatics Chandel Charles, Robin Harry, Jim Garner, and Christine Orlando are joined below by Dave from the Castle Fan Forum the 12th to debate why Gates confided in Kate, who should be Castle's best man and who they thought was the killer

Castle RT - depreciated -

Who should Castle pick as his best man?

Chandel: He should either allow both Ryan and Espo the honor, or pick someone else and possibly outside the precinct altogether.

Robin: I'd love to meet Castle's friends outside the precinct - surely he must have them! If it had to be one of the detectives though, I'd go with Ryan. Castle and Ryan have a good bond, Ryan was the first to clue in on their relationship and he kept their secret without even being asked to.

Jim: His dad! Wouldn't that be a wedding shocker?

Dave:  I think it has to be co-best men with both Ryan and Esposito. They have both been such good friends to Castle it wouldn't seem right to pick one over the other.

Christine: Like Robin, I've always felt that Ryan and Castle have the closer bond. They're both romantics at heart and now they're both fathers. If he has to choose, I'd say Ryan but he's got to come up with something that doesn't make Esposito feel left out…although I have no idea what that would be. 

What did you think of Gates sister and their rift?

Chandel: I think it's representative of all siblings, but theirs is clearly ideological for the most part about black-and-white versus gray area in the law. It's mendable if each can realize and respect those differences. 

Robin:  I thought that it was a good story, if a little too neatly wrapped up at the end. It makes total sense that the job would get between two ambitious siblings with different perspectives.

Jim: I loved Salli Richardson-Whitfield on Eureka, so it was nice to see her working. I thought they did a great job of the rift between them, along with mending it.  

Dave: It made sense and was very consistent with what we have seen with Gate's character. She and her sister have very different mindsets when it comes to their jobs and a professional disagreement can become very personal very easily. I am glad it all worked out in the end.

Christine: Often, no one will judge you as harshly as one of your siblings. Their rift made complete sense as they both believed their point of view was right. I really enjoyed learning more about Gates and hope we get more of her family in the future.

Gates opened up about her sister to Beckett? Why do you think that is?

Chandel: The situation was right there for Kate and Castle to navigate in the midst of the case. A little insight never hurt anyone! I also think that she and Kate share similar views about law that Gates and her sister don't. They aren't rule benders, but sometimes attorneys can be.

Robin: I think Gates needed to talk about it, and Beckett showed the concern and care that she needed.  I mean - Gates never hangs out in the break room. She needed the company, and Beckett was there to provide.

Jim: Gates has been trusting Kate more and more since she came on board; this is just a natural extension of that trust. 

Dave: I think she has always seen some of herself in Kate and that showed even more in this episode. Gates chose to do her job the right way and not comprise her values for "the greater good" and that is what Kate has done many times as well.

Christine: I agree with Dave. I think Gates sees a bit of herself in Kate going as far back as Gates first appearance, Castle Season 4 Episode 1 "Rise" where she mentioned that Kate beat her out as the youngest female detective by six weeks. I think she feels a bond with Beckett and they definitely share a determination to find the truth and uphold the law. 

There were several suspects in this murder case. Who did you think was guilty?

Chandel: I was rooting for Berman because he was such an arrogant jerk. But I have to say I appreciated the Peter Cordero twist for what it was!

Robin: My bet was on the sister, just because we had met her before and I thought they'd do one of those surprise-you-met-the-killer-already twists.  This is the first time in a while that the show has completely surprised me with the culprit. 

Jim: I nearly nailed it. I had all the details, except I picked the sister and not the assistant as the mastermind/murderer.

Dave:  I thought it was going to be someone we didn't see for most of the episode who had ties to Berman, maybe his lawyer or another employee. I was surprised with the killer because normally it is never the person who appears on a photo or security footage right away.

Christine: I liked that culprit turned out to be the picture of the woman we'd seen right from the beginning but had completely dismissed. I also liked how nothing was exactly what it seemed. The victim was so complicated that he even had another name and the gang banger turned out to be a friend whose alibi was that he was visiting his mother in a nursing home during the murder. 

What was your favorite scene from this Castle Season 6 episode?

Chandel: Probably the opening scene with Castle and Beckett deciding who to invite when we find out that Kate's Aunt Theresa may not be Rick's greatest fan! The roller coaster bit was also good. I chuckled.

Robin: I liked seeing Gates open up to Beckett. We got to see a softer, more vulnerable side of Victoria "Iron" Gates, and I appreciated that a lot.

Jim: I loved when Kate and Rick both did their list of "must attend" and it was just the word "you" on both of their pages. Soooo adorable! 

Dave: The scene in the middle of the episode with the invitation banter. It had some great Caskett back and forth and set the stage nicely for the ending. Also honorable mention to Esposito's line about going at it with Gate's sister, I laughed out loud at that.

Christine: My favorite was the scene in the middle where they are trying to cut down their lists and they think they've found their savior in Martha... who ends up having her own lengthy list. Yup, that's how weddings go. They can get out of control quickly. Runner-up moment to Ryan who when asked how he and Jenny kept their list to 100, added a bit of reality by confessing that it was all they could afford. 

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